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1260 squat


Donnie Thompson 1260 squat.

Check out this video on YouTube:

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looks like depth was good. Not the best angle . It was at ironsport gym today .


My bad it wasn't ironsport . It was down around Myrtle beach .


Fucking monster


Well, both the squat and deadlift records have been broken. Now who's up on the bench? I'm pretty sure Kennelly is locked up or something. Impressive lift nonetheless.



sonofabitch i was just about to post this.


so he should be able to rep a grand right? lol fuckin unreal


Amazing. I hope someone took video from a little closer.


did he do a full meet? if so howd that go


He also did 1300 but cut it high so no lift. The bar was rolling when he took the attempt so it was hard to even not miss when shit like that rolls.

Everyone said it was very fast though (although high) so everyone I talked to that actually saw it thinks that pretty soon that will fall as well.


In before everyone starts crying about depth.


I don't think there is anything to cry about on this one unless people just really want to bitch about something....




Damn. I'd love to see more video from the meet, does anyone have any idea what he benched or pulled?


Great looking squat, and it's still getting hate over at powerlifting watch.
such is life.


I never leave comments on there. I just put my 2 cents in so I will probably be kicked off the site and banned from the ipf for 2 years.


You shouldn't have left your real name! Now you'll get redlighted for life.

Ah well, I'm sure donnie isn't losing sleep over a bunch of babies complaining about the way he squatted an all time world record.


This is powerlifting on the internet. There's always something to bitch about.


I heard he took tokens on his other two lifts


He did


Powerlifting watch sucks. They should do away with the comment section totally. Its just a way for people to bitch and bash each other's feds....