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10 Wks Out of Natty Comp, 18 Yrs Old


would'nt mind some critiquing*. still have a LOT of cutting to do. doing a h.i.t program atm. cutting carbs slighty every week. upping the protein, taking more fish oil as i cut so my brain still works lol. thats about it let me know what you think. ill keep posted as i progress into the cut.


Looking pretty solid man...Any more pics? Back, legs? What are ur stats?


back lat


most muscular, sorry about the dodgy poses, im still learning.


side chest.


Back looks pretty good man...what weight do you want to get down to for your comp?


side tri


front lat.

thanks man. well i was 96kg at my peak in my bulk this year, i am now down to 88kg, i dont want to go below 84 kg. what you reckon?


abs and quads. sorry i dont have a front on leg pic yet but i guess you get the idea with this anyway.


Looking strong but i think you will end up going lighter than 84kg...


Lookin great for 18, man, shit.

Like jb said, if you want to get lean, you'll definitely end up significantly below 84kg.

Pretty thick, esp for your age. At this point, work on posing EVERY DAY as often as you can. That is what's going to make a difference.

Rear lat spread, most muscular, side chest need the most work IMHO of the ones posted. Posing is really what separates competitors at the lower levels.


Overall solid place to start. I will nitpick the hams though, you may wanna hit them 1st in your leg sessions from here up until the actual show (I did the same thing, and the head judge actually listed my hams as one of my strengths, which was damn cool). Good overall size, great quad sweep.... don't worry about what you think you may weigh in the day of the show, just worry about your bf levels and how you look in the mirror. Posing can be picked up via videos on youtube (that's what I did!).



well 18 years old, great build. You look better than most guy in my gym that tell me they've been training for a decade..LOL


I gave you a ten to get your rating up. You've got great genetics and fantastic potential. Amazing spread between waist and shoulders.


umm my stats would be ...
5"10 196lbs

as for strength goes i did alot of squats chins and bench in my last bulk, i am much weaker now i think as i have been losing weight but in my bulk i was lifting

squat 3 reps- 397 lbs
dead 5 reps- 397 lbs
bench 5 reps- 264 lbs

im not sure if thats great as i have never been really into strength training, i do more bodybuilding than anything.


thanks for the advice of someone as massive as urself. im honoured lol.
im going to add split squats to my routine, and i have been told the same thing about the hams b4 by someone else.
i actually do practice my posing alot but am getting someone to have a proper look and help me out which will be good.

thanks again.


update 7 weeks out. photo was taken 2 weeks ago i think


looking solid.


i try get some new pics up next week. scales are telling me iv lost weight so will be good to c


back lat