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WS4SB3 Log

Week 1 ME Upper Body

1)Bench-75% x 7, 80% x 5, 85% x 3 or more
145x7,155x6 (woops) 170x3(had more in the tank)
2)DB Press 2x Max reps, 40’s for 20, 50’s for 12(hoping to move it to 20 next week)
3)Chest supported Row 2x10 100lbs wide grip
4)fat bar medium grip cable rows 4x12 125lbs(wasnt feeling this today)
5a)DB Shrug’s 75’s 3x12 (sec pause)
5b)Db Lateral raises 3x12 20’s
6a) DB skull crushers 20’s-25’s 2x8
6b)Fat Bar Curls 80 pounds 2x8

I know this wasn’t the program and i got too carried away with the volume, won’t make that mistake again,
Goals by july 23rd
Bench) 230
Squat) 405
Deadlift) 455

current stats
Bench)200(but based my percentages off 195 being i aimed lower to avoid inflating)
My glaring weaknesses are my upper back/triceps and glutes and ham’s
so the ghr is my new best friend with reverse hypers and sled drags coming in second

Diet is on point pushing 500 calories past my maintenance and getting my macros in.
current weight 158 not sure on bf probably kinda high, imma sknny fat bastard lol