Wrist Support

Recently I’ve begun experiencing pain in my right wrist when I rotate it. I believe it’s from various DB curls/what have you.

What kind of wraps are generally used to support the wrists? Is standard athletic tape what most people use or is there something I could buy online? I’m mostly experiencing the pain when I rotate my hand around in a circle or when I’m pushing my hand flat and out toward the pinky side.


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thank you

Can you all help me pick out a pair of wraps online? I want to make sure I’m not buying pieces of garbage.

I don’t know what size I should get, I don’t even know how I would consider the different sizes. I’ll be using the straps mostly for curls and probably benching too. If it matters, my wrists are about 7.5 around.




It’s in the “search”… I’ll see what I can find.

I’m going to try the 20-inch APT ZRV Pro from http://prowriststraps.com/ per this thread.


Here’s a little bonus info from elitefts.


Thanks for that, I forgot to search.

I use the APT black mamba wraps when going heavy and use Wendler’s cast wrap technique. Works wonders.

I use the red ones (forgot the name)when going somewhat lighter and nothing when light. I broke a bone in my wrist a while ago and like having them, though I don’t need them except on the heavy stuff.

APT, Metal, or the basic wraps sold at Elite are all great. Everyone has their opinion based on individual experience.


I bought some, work great

Hey guys,

I just got the titanium straps I ordered in the mail and I’m wondering if each strap is supposed to be the same or if they are supposed to be sewn differently for each wrist.

Right now I have to put one on going left and around the right of the wrist and I have to put on the other the same way. Does this make sense to anyone? I know it’s hard to understand but I want to make sure I didn’t get shipped two LEFT handed straps.

(The only reason this is a problem is because they have thumb loops.