Would the US Benefit from 3 Major Parties?

I have read that having 2 parties vs the infinite splinter groups that form and re-form coalitions to muster a majority is a tremendous advantage of our system.

However, just musing over the thought that a left, centrist, and right setup might serve our purposes better.

Would a Centrist Party allow some deviation from blindly voting a straight party vote on every issue, or
obstructing the other party publicly while circling the wagons behind doors - to stay in power?

I think so. I don’t agree with either party at all. We need a common sense party. Pro-life, pro-small government. Don’t get involved in drugs or sex. Fiscally conservative. Borderline hawkish.

Three parties is fine as long as you don’t mind the House of Representatives electing the President every four years.

You pretty much just described the Libertarian party.

In reality the 3 would be extreme left, left centrist and right

For a libertarian the idea of 3 parties sounds great until you realize libertarian wouldnt be one of the 3

I see how a fiscally conservative and socially moderate platform would scare the bejesus out of the world.


A fiscally conservative, socially moderate party - that, importantly, doesn’t start from a place of hating government or wanting to negate it across the board - would rule for an eon.

The tea party isn’t even fiscally conservative as a group. Outside of tax cuts, fiscal conservatism is just about dead.

Care to elaborate?

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Well, the only popular “fiscal conservatism” that still exists is “cutting, fraud, waste, and abuse.” Which is laughable. There’s something about cutting taxes too, but that support becomes pretty flimsy (see above) in consideration of the budget deficit, and in the effort to keep entitlements chugging along pretty much as is for another few dozen years. This is a progressive nation, both socially and fiscally. True, the public is split on the role of government providing health-care. However, give it another 10 years and polls of even tea partiers will show broad support for universal health-care entitlements. Heck, the GoP frontrunner has no desire to cut entitlements in any way. Not only that, he preferred a single payer health-care solution.

Hm, socially progressive and fiscally progressive. Together…Maybe, it’s…Well, I’ll leave it at that.

Not that I entirely disagree with you where the public stands on fiscal conservatism, but if I were to wholly believe you, I would have to concede that the country is doomed.

Good reminder to me as I was sort of locked in on the Congress and its gridlock in meaningful solutions to issues facing our country.

If this is indeed true, then the decision to fundamentally change the country by controlling the media and education system has been successful. In my lifetime, (much less my still living parents) the US has moved from the center right many degrees to the left.

~83% of US budget going to SS, Medicare/Medicaid, military, and servicing the debt and 1/6 of that borrowed,
Society is acting like a trust fund baby that neither knows how the money was earned nor the length of time it is supposed to last.