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Would Knee Wraps 'Help' a Sumo Dead


The fed i staying with for now EPF is raw but allows knee wraps.Not sure if its just for squats>I have used knee wraps once in my life and took em off cause i couldnt squat low with them..Prob takes practice.I was thinking maybe it would help a sumo dead lifter?Sometimes I feel pressure in knees with a wider stance..


It can If and only if you stay in stay in perfect position and get the knee wraps loaded can def help off the floor. How ever if you let your hips shoot up even a second to fast it can cause you to lock out your knees way to soon and you better have insane lower back strength to lock it out once that happens.

Also you have to learn to to make sure the last pull through wrap is put the back or out side of the knee other wise you can hit it on the way up and can get stuck.


thanks i may start wearing wraps when maxing and leading up to comp...for squats /deads if they help me...
whatd ya think of form here vid from a bit ago...3 more weeks going for 625 maybe more doing the 915 and im in week 7 i think.I see i went up with my hips early.What i manet before by yanking bar is i usually get lower pull thre or four times then just go as fast up as possible.


Didnt look bad st all really from what I can see other than you could be a bit more upright in the start. The way you are here wraps on Deadlift I think would hurt you more than help because your hips already shoot up pretty good before the weight comes off the floor which means with the wraps they would only come up even faster


prob just use em for squat at meets see if they help then.Thanks.


Nice Pull!

No disrespect, but what about a real 4" lifting belt? Or do you feel like it's easier to get into position with the tapered front belt?

Again, nice lift, and good luck in your comp.


Are tapered belts allowed in competition? I thought you HAD to compete with a non-tapered belt.


I have never heard that and and apf/epf maybe some feds might but that would be kinda retarded.