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workout idea

Hey people, I had a workout idea I wanted to run by everyone. So, here we go:

Mon: decline BB bench press and hang clean w/ press

Wed: Deadlift and wide grip chins

Fri: BB hack squat and stiff leg DL

All excercises will be done for 10 sets of 3-4 reps at 90-95% of my one rep max. I want to try some low rep training with more reps than 5x5. I am also try to reconcile this with the general one hour time limit while not exceeding 20 sets per workout(an Ian King concept). Diet will be what has worked in the past for me while on a bulking cycle. Feel free to comment about whether or not this is a good idea. thanks

Looks like a good strength routine. But 10 sets may be a little much. Give it a try.

My guess is with that many sets you won’t be able to get the desired amount of reps with the desired poundage. Maybe 80-85%? Why the decline press? I’d go for a flat dumbell personally, but otherwise, looks good.

Look alright! I would always remember that no matter what routine you are on you will want to change it frequently or you will become stale. You may want to change every few weeks. Also if your really looking for that POWER, then find a way to add in Good mornongs…Good Luck buddy