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Working Out With One Leg

I am a collegiate rugby player and I recently broke my foot in a game and needed surgery to repair it. I’m coming off of my post surgery week long stay on the couch and am realizing that I need to do something when I’m layed up as far as working out goes to keep myself sane and be ready for the fall season.

I am in a short leg boot, but cannot put any weight on the foot for 5-6 weeks to prevent re-injury. My thoughts are that I can do plenty of seated and lying down upper body, but I’m not sure what to do about legs. I plan on using machines when the doctor tells me that I can, but what should I do about the leg that not hurt?

I’m leaning towards doing a lot of one leg stuff but I’m not sure if that will just create an imbalance that could cause another injury or if the exercises will work like mental reps on the injured leg.

Also, if anyone has any ideas for cardio that don’t involve a bike or swimming (the doc nixed both for a few weeks) please lemme know. Thanks a bunch…

basically you know everythin you need, single leg shit, mental reps, swimmin when you can, then a long struggle to rebalance yourself. use the time to add in stretchin, mobility work, work your hip flexors and glutes, glute/ham raises. basically, be as creative as you can. oh, and flexing, flex often