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Woke Up with Tightness in Calves


So I took some time off from the gym (2 weeks) and came back, i was feeling good and everything was fine. Then on Saturday was leg day I hit them hard as usual and did some calves work as well (did 4 sets of standings raises, 4 sets of seated raises and finished off with 4 sets on the leg press machine).

Long story short I woke up on Monday with an extreme tightness on my calves and the pain was pretty bad, I can barely walk. Try to relief it with some massages but that didn't work, anybody know what to do in this case or have experience something like this before please chime in.




I'd say jokingly "Don't take 2 weeks off then!" but really 2 weeks is not a long enough time to detrain like that.
Maybe just some little niggle you did wrong...that's all I got. Just take it easy the next workout I guess.


LOL I was sick for a week, I hate to take time off from the gym but i don't know 'cause they were fine the day after but even today they're tight after i walk for a bit they get a bit better but that's all they still f*ing hurt.



I would expect that after a two week lay-off....especially if you had been ill. Depending on how the work is performed that is quite a bit of calve work for a lifter in a good groove; let alone returning from time off.


The first time I trained calves I couldn't walk for 3 days. No kidding.


Yeah, I decided one time sophomore year of high school I would just do calf raises between sets of EVERY exercise in my leg day...that "brilliant" idea lasted one workout and the soreness lasted, no lie, 10 days...strangely enough 3 of which I couldn't even walk remotely normally...


Self myofascial release.