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Wintrol Price

im thinking of buying 25 wintrol 50mg capsules for about $250 … and heard its one cycle. is this guy tryin to rip me off or what

25$ would be a more apporpriate price.

That is 8 times the going price. Shop elsewhere.

  1. Bad price. He’s prob paying for his personal stash by robbing a few guys at a time. He IS a drug dealer after all…

  2. You don’t come off like a retard (many do) so I think you will understand that you may not be armed with all the info you should before illegally self medicating yourself.

  3. Winstrol is an outdated substance. While some may LIKE it, it’s still junk. People like alot of things. There are better choices.

also try putting an “s” in there somewhere and ask again, that might work.