Winstrol and t3 at a low dosage

Hi. I’m in the second week doing winstrol and ECA-stack and thinking of adding some t3 to this cycle. The thing is that I don’t want to do t3 at a high dosage. I was thinking of doing 25mcg for 3-4 weeks going down to 12.5mcg week 4 or 5. My goals are increase my motabolism and with that, lose some more fat. I’m doing winstrol 50mg ED and the cycle will last for about 6 weeks. The question I have is if t3 at the dosage I wrote, will be enough for loosing fat faster, or If I should increase the dosage even more. Maybe I should skip the t3 and just go with the ECA and get some clen? What do U think. Stats: 184cm, Bw: 190lb, bf10-11%. Goals are to lose bf and get down to a 7% or so.

Anyone please help!