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Why Do You Lift?


Chances are it may all end up being the same, was fucked with, couldn't stand being small, sport, wanted to become powerful and unleash the inner beast, or even just to get laid ( LAME ).

Me, it's all about football and wanting to become bigger and stronger and the best. My first season in football I was bitched around like a piece of paper, couldn't stop a little girl if she ran at me with the ball. Then i finally got my first tackle, some 250 lbs mofo running 1Mile/hour. The feeling i got from that takedown fueled me to want to keep playing and do whatever it was i could to make sure i do that every game, consistantly. Then i started to workout with an ex CFL conditioning coach that my friend got me signed into. Ever since then i've just worked out with intensity and drive to become the biggest and strongers mofo on the field.

What's your story T-Nation.


I'm a contract assassin and it helps when I can carry what I kill, so that I don't have to subcontract for cleanup and removal.

ya know, bad economy.


at first... in highschool when i was immature, it was to get girls. after about a year i think i just got addicted to getting bigger and lifting heavy shit. i think it's the endorphins and testosterone...


About a week after of doing a bunch of stupid shit in the gym and weighing 130lbs, I saw a guy doing deadlifts with 315 for reps. He left the bar and went for a drink, I went over and picked up the 300lbs with horrible form, but still locked it out. It was suggested by him that I pursue powerlifting.



C'est tres simple.


Originally it was to get in shape for the military, but now I just enjoy it.


I'm going to Afghanistan and I want to be able to walk up and down those mountains like a fucking billy goat.
I also wantto be able to do that in the unfortunate event that I have to carry one of my brothers out of the fight.

I would also like to be able to crush rocks aka Taliban skulls with my bare hands but I don't see that one happenening.


I lift because it makes me happy, not much more too it. Just love going to the gym.


I lift so my son doesn't get the better of me when we wrestle and that will prevent me from murding my only son due to a hurt ego. Secondly, since I have 2 girls, I don't want to go to jail for murder when my oldest starts dating so instead of a shotgun, I want to generate enough explosive force with a kidney or rib shot to cause internal bleeding. Then I can tell the authorities he fell down the stairs:)


cuz i wants muscles


Because more and more over the years this country's males are turning in to ball-less little wussies and it sickens me to my core.Its time for men to go back to being fucking men and not what society or Hollywood wants us to be, fuck them.

Is there any other reason?


Because I have never been in shape and thought it'd be fun to actually get big instead of thinking about it and beating my meat to centerfolds of mens health wanting hot abz


Purposeful suffering.


it makes me happy.


X2 lol


I lift because it's outright addicting. To me, there's no greater thrill than having hundreds of pounds on my back, and repping it up and down.


It feels good, sort of like a full body erection.

Sorry ladies if you can't relate...


I lift so when I date SergeantQ's daughter his explosive kidney shots do not phase me


As a fighter, my main goals are relative strength and endurance. I also want to put on some size. Plus, since my son started lifting with me a couple of months ago, it's become a good father-son bonding time.


"Narcissus fell completely in love with his reflection, the bodybuilder would like to, but can't. Inside that body is a mind that harbors a past in which there is some scrawny adolescent or stuttering child that forever says, 'I knew you when...' the metamorphosis is doomed to remain incomplete. The individual gets a new body, but one so lacking in substance that only constant reassurances from a friendly mirror can allay the fear of not having changed at all."

o yea and for better performance on the mat.