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Why Do Certain AAS Cause Me Hypoglycemia?

To preface: the worst offender is Tren by far. If I don’t eat in excess of carbs/sugar I have almost nearly fainted. For example 90 minutes after eating 3 Mcbiscuits 2 hash browns and 16 oz of Orange Juice my blood sugar was around 70(tested via a clinic)

I noticed that Superdrol also causes this to a large degree, as well as MAYBE anavar.

I have been off of Tren for a week, but still having issues where I need 50-100g of sugar or I feel like I will pass out.

I know that a steady source of complex carbs regularly is the best option, but I am trying to diet and ideally get back into a keto diet however it is really pissing me off going hypo ridiculously easy. In the night I might wake up EXTREMELY soaked and cold as ice…bed soaked(think tren sweats as an example! Lol)

I also Metformin 500mg so I am stopping it for now; does anyone else experience this? I think it is slowly getting better as all the gear clears my system. I have not taken any Anavar in 2 days however today I had another severe episode.I am just hoping it will clear up soon as this has always gone away shortly after stopping my tren cycle in the past.

Any recommendations or maybe 50-75g of complex carbs every 2 hours? Thanks ahead!

I don’t have an answer, but I do know that NPP has been doing something similar to me as far as just burning up all of my glycogen stores in my body. A few months ago I cut about 25 lbs. I would have cheat meals on the weekend which would replenish my glycogen stores and by Thursday afternoon I was dragging ass. On NPP, during caloric maintenance (about 500 cals/day more than my cut), my glycogen stores would be depleted by mid day tuesday and I have to eat a large bowl of cereal everyday just to maintain my energy (for reference I follow, pretty strictly, the Vertical Diet). I am up 6 lbs from the end of my cut but I am more lean now (or at worst I am just as lean) than I was at the end of my cut.

Maybe it’s a 19-Nor thing?

I was going to say NPP causes the exact same to a lesser degree yes. Similar to you I am having to shovel sugar down but I am talking 2-300g of simple sugars ON TOP of my normal intake of carbs or I am having a crash within 3-4 hours. It’s brutal. I do believe I am in a much larger deficit than when I was running tren though; I was taking mk677 and also trying to bulk and shoveling down ready to microwave pizzas and shakes. Hopefully it clears up soon.

I believe that’s part of the nutritional partitioning affects of Tren. It shuttles those macros quickly & you need to eat more carbs to account for it.

I only really ran Tren once, and I had to eat about 1500 calories above normal

Yes I think this plays a role as well as it affecting insulin response and IGf.

I just imagine the other steroids don’t have this effect to such a powerful degree.