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Who you share a bday with?

I’ve got Butch Cassidy and Candace Cameron

Ben Affleck, and not on the list but I know it…David Justice

April 28 , sadaaam hussein all the way baby

I share mine with a:
GoodFella(Robert Di Nero)
a Boy bander(Donnie Walberg)
An American pioneer(Davy Crocket)
Jeff Spicoli(Sean Penn)
and a few others I don’t even know!!If it makes me feel any better I am the youngest on the list…

Trent Reznor, baby! Head like a hole!

Dennis Hopper, Enya and some other schmucks.

george “dubya” bush

Hilary Duff, Gweneth Paltrow, Mira Sorvino, Janeane Garofalo, Brigitte Bardot

Man… I got stuck with Sisqo…

Joe Montana, Gene Wilder, Vince Lombardi, and Jacques Cousteau

damn… Mike Tyson the convicted rapist, cannibal, adulterer, oh yeah… and former heavyweight champion of the world

The thong and the first U.S. patent were both first mass marketed/created on july 31.

GEORGE W BUSH… (jul 6th)

booya !! i feel like a big man now!


who the hell is christy carlson romano? she has my exact birthday

Al Gore

I already knew I had the exact same birthday as freddy prinze jr (mar 8, 76) but that vander beek punk (77) and kathy ireland, lyn redgrave, and aiden quinn. I would have preferred colin quinn.

Christy Carlson Ramono is Ren Stevens on Even Stevens on the Disney Channel :D. It is so depressing to know this.

Lumbernac- Saddam Hussein?!?? Dude, I am LMAO! Oh shit!

OK, 2 cool dudes:

Johann Sebastian Bach and Gary Oldman, one of my favorite actors

WTF! I don’t want a birthday with her!

Matthew Broderick?- Get him some Tribex

Timothy Dalton: Well, he played james Bond, so that’s wicked cool, but he sucked, so that’s a strike against him

christy carlson romano…

I knew I shared a birthday with Al Gore but didn’t check the website. When I did I also found out I shared a birthday with Christopher Walken and Ewan McGregor, now those two are a bit better!