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White Supremacists are Celebrating


With the nomination of Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential candidate clinched, large sections of the white supremacist movement are adopting a surprising attitude: Electing America?s first black president would be a very good thing.

It?s not that the assortment of neo-Nazis, Klansmen, anti-Semites and others who make up this country?s radical right have suddenly discovered that a man should be judged based on the content of his character, not his skin. On the contrary. A growing number of white supremacists, and even some of those who pass for intellectual leaders of their movement, think that a black man in the Oval Office would shock white America, possibly drive millions to their cause, and perhaps even set off a race war that, they hope, would ultimately end in Aryan victory.

?He will make things so bad for white people that hopefully they will finally realize how stupid they were for admiring these jigaboos all these years,? ?Darthvader? wrote on the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network web forum. ?I believe in the motto ?Worse is Better? and Obama certainly fits that description.? Just last week, another poster on the same thread chimed in with this: ?I hope Obama wins because in four years, white people just might be pissed off enough to actually do something. ? White people aren?t going to do a thing until their toys are taken away from them. So things have to be worse for things to be better.?

?Oh man,? enthused ?Centimanus? on the white nationalist Stormfront website. ?I am gleefully, sadistically looking forward to Obama as president. ? It will be a beautiful day when the masses look at the paper and truly realize they have lost their own country. Added ?Fulimnata?: ?To the average white man and woman, they could look at Obama and see plain as day that whites are not in control.? Another message, from ?TheLastOfMyKind,? agreed: ?Could it be that the nomination of Obama finally sparks a sense of unity in white voters? I would propose that this threat of black, muslim [sic] rule may very well be the thing that finally scares some sense back into complacent whites throughout the nation.? ?Actually,? said another poster, ?if Obama were to win, it would be the best thing that ever happened to the Klan. They would have massive growth.? And ?TeutonicLegion? said that ?a whole bunch of people will join us and find these boards? if Obama becomes president.

Even David Duke (right), the neo-Nazi and former Klan boss who is the closest thing the movement has to a real intellectual these days, sees clear advantages in an Obama victory in the fall. ?Obama will be a signal, a clear signal for millions of our people,? Duke wrote in an essay entitled ?A Black Flag for White America? last week. ?Obama is like that new big dark spot on your arm that finally sends you to the doctor for some real medicine. ? Obama is the pain that let?s [sic] your body know that something is dreadfully wrong. Obama will let the American people know that there is a real cancer eating away at the heart of our country and Republican aspirin will not only not cure it, but only masks the pain and makes you think you don?t need radical surgery. ? My bet is that whether Obama wins or loses in November, millions of European Americans will inevitably react with new awareness of their heritage and the need for them to defend and advance it.?

Opinion on the radical right is far from unanimous on the topic of a possible Obama victory. Many of those writing on the topic ? perhaps half of those who have posted recently ? think an Obama presidency would destroy the country and oppose it mightily. On the other hand, there is virtually no enthusiasm on the radical right for presumptive Republican nominee John McCain, who is widely seen by white supremacists as a sellout, particularly on the issue of nonwhite immigration into the United States. But increasing numbers think that a bad situation with a black president will be good for their movement.

?Thomas Dixon Jr.,? a Stormfront poster using the name of the racist author who wrote the classic novel The Clansman, put it like this: ?As WLP [William Luther Pierce, the late leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance] would say? ?What is bad for the system is good for us.?? ?Obama,? added ?The Patriot? in the same thread, ?would be better for our cause in the long run, no doubt about it.?

sigh oy-vey

Aryan man is a myth – kind of like Jesus but not as hippie like.

You pick an article from JUNE?

And it is relevant how?

Because it is about racists?

Try to stay current, kiddo.

The worst part is that they have a very strong point. I think this has the potential to be as ugly as anything we’ve ever seen.

America is changing. “White” America is shrinking and every decade we become an increasingly multi-racial nation. Just look at the demographic changes between now and 100 years ago. By the end of this century the racial makeup will be even more distinct.

Do you think Cheney wanted Obama to win? That’s why he endorsed McCain.

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