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Which Party in Gov is More Steroid Friendly?

Recently divorce and unbrainwashing myself from being whatever my wife wanted me to be…

Help me pick my new political affiliation. Don’t really care about politics until the man starts stepping on my roids…

So Republican or Democrats for steroid friendly’ish government?

This post is mostly purely for entertainment… I am actually a little curious if one party tends to be more steroid friendly though

#yesiknow, Brainwashme2.0



That reminds me,…

What do u get when a Liberal and a Libertarian get together?..

If the choice is between those two parties, I’d say the Democrats are most likely to somehow declare bodybuilders a marginalized people and secure government-funded steroid cycles for anyone who identifies as stronger or more built than they actually are.

I’d say the Republicans are more likely to keep them illegal but secretly develop more steroids to create super-soldiers or perhaps field more candidates who are totally jacked.


A fight usually

This. Second place being the GOP. Because Mom groups will always find a way to bitch about the ‘dangers of steroids’

A punchline.


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They really support toxic masculinity in an ampule?

Steroids are literally Hitler!

I agree with what you said about Republicans though.

For real though: I think the last time any legislation was passed regarding roidses it was a bipartisan effort to make sure nobody was happy. Something about “saving baseball”?

I’d have to agree with libertarians.

Although, can the party of Schwarzenegger, Ferrigno and Stallone really be that anti steroid?

Well, many Democrats (and others) already do. Provided you’re a girl. Who thinks you’re a man. In that particular case the Democrats are actually very pro-steroid. I’m reaching a bit here, but I don’t think it is a stretch to believe that somewhere down the line it will be just as acceptable for a man who is not low-T to identify as a more “traditionally” masculine man.

You can apply the same logic you do to trans people. They identify as something they are not. Medical avenues including, but not limited to, hormone therapy exist to get them closer to that ideal. Of course they should be pursued. Declaring it a medical necessity while also socializing the costs of said treatment are every meathead’s dream of getting high-quality steroids without shelling out whatever payments are now necessary to do steroids.

I’m reaching a bit further here, but everyone deserves to live the life they want. We can declare steroids a medical necessity while we also socialize the entire healthcare system and implement gulags and the thought police. Some of those may or may not be mainstream Democrat ideas, but none are too far away from where we are at right now. Well, maybe the gulags are, but I’m sure they’d poll pretty well with a pretty large segment, provided you’re locking up the folks who don’t think the way they do.

As far as the Republicans go, I really think they need to run some more guys with monster deadlifts, major accomplishments in the cage and/or guys like Dan Crenshaw, who actually have good ideas and can also kill you easily.

Oh yea for sure. I remember it well. Steroids are an easy thing for politicians to hate. It sells pretty well.

We have a unique system here where only one of two sides can usually win. We just don’t like anyone that isn’t on one of those two teams winning. So if we have two complete duds we just say well at least they are from one of our teams.

And neither of those teams is going to do anything other than the status quo on roids for the foreseeable future.

dark, but I had to laugh. Bravo sir

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Neither, they both love the nanny state.