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Which Casein?


I was wondering, for those who drink casein, what brands you guys are using. Im really looking for something to take before i go to bed that will hopefully last 5-8 hours.. Any suggestions??


Seriously? Which site areas on again?

As there's an off chance this is a serious post, look atthe store. MB (IMO) is th best you can buy.


for a second opinion OP you can try optimum nutritions 100% casein blend i swear by the stuff and they're taste is the best on the market. i can take it right before going to sleep and knock out because its also a relatively light formula too.


I've tried Optimum Nutrition casein and Biotest Metabolic Drive. I prefer Metabolic Drive because it doesn't clunk up when mixed in water. For some reason the ON casein powder gets real clumpy (unlike their whey product). Metabolic Drive also is the tastiest protein powder I've tried to date.


Give me Metabolic Drive or give me death.


lol was about to put an order in. guess that makes my decision easier.