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When to Have Metabolic Drive Bars?


Hiii alll !!!

just a small query... i just bought the Metabolic Drive Bars but didnt find anything in regards the using instructions or the serving size !!?

so when do you think i should take, before or after workout!?!? .. and how many of them a day !?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Depends on you mostly, I haven't personally taken the Metabolic Drive Bars but for other types of protein/meal replacement bars I usually have them when hungry or right before/after a workout


It's just a protein bar man,.. take it whenever you can't get a meal in. Also, depending on your daily numbers, either have one or two (I'll usually down two, which comes out to about 500 cals, and 40g of protein).



x2 I've found they're so delicious I can't keep them on hand, which sucks b/c they're cheaper by the bunch


x3 and for that, I do blame Biotest


Think of them as candy bars with some protein. Eat one when you get that urge.


Thanks guys for the help and replies !!