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What's Correct with HCG: On Cycle? Before/During PCT?

HCG on cycle? HCG during PCT? HCG in that 2 week window before PCT?

See all of these floating around the webs. What is your opinion on the matter at hand? Thanks

On cycle is fine. Pre pct is fine as well. During pct is not great.

What @iron_yuppie said.

And it shouldnt be a 2 week window before PCT if you’re running enanthate. That protocol needs to die.


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Don’t you need the test levels to go down before you start PCT? Could you elaborate more?

Do you wait 2 weeks after last pin to start PCT?

You’re correct. And 2 weeks is not long enough for the enanthate ester to drop to low enough levels for your PCT meds to do their job. Also depends on the dose you’re running.


Also would you recommend doing an AI all the way up until the PCT?

I’m running 500mg test cyp for 12 weeks. How long would I want to wait?

I am doing on cycle hcg. Cycle is almost finished. I hope recovery be perfect. I have used total 4500 iu split into 250 iu injections

You’re right. And if anything g is going to change then it means people like me need to stop perpetuating the lie even though I know it’s a lie. So starting now I’ll be a scold about it and push for a more sciences based approach.

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In regards to HCG is there anything else to take during cycle that stops or reduces atrophy? I ran out of HCG on a cycle & balls feel like they got smashed by hammers… ordered more but could be 2-4 weeks… I got liquid letro will that help?

I’ve heard being on HCG so long is bad. Like on cycle the entire time causes more shut down. Because just like test the outside substance is causing shit down. You’re not helping get your natural levels back by putting more outside hormones in. Is this correct?

So I’m doing some research on this topic of when to start pct etc. If you start pct based on the elimination of the drug thru half lives then the start of pct would determined based on peak dose.

I believe the 2 week reference that is thrown around is based on the active life of the ester. Or as I understand the point where you stop receiving optimal effects of the drug in which case it is the 2 week mark or 11 days to be more exact.

Im not standing behind this as being 100% correct. When it comes to this particular topic I’m still learning a thing or two. As it appears most of us are. This explanation does seem to make sense to me tho. Because if we’re gonna wait for complete elimination of ester then running high doses like a 2 grams would have someone starting pct months out and that doesn’t seem right.

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HH, I have no idea whether letro will help, but clomid or nolva on cycle definitely help keep the ball ache away, compared with nothing else.

I’ll see if I can get that in research chem fast…don’t feel like waiting shit hurts bad…how much is enough while I wait on the HCG?

For trt I get by with 10mg/day. If you are doing a cycle try 20mg/day nolva.

|[Tamoxifen Citrate 20mg per ml x 30ml]
|[Clomiphene 40mg per ml x 30ml]

is what I got coming hopefully soon cuz it feels like my sack went 10 rounds with Tyson

so 1ml per day nolva… how much on the clomid? these are new to me Ive always used hcg just fucked up & thought I had a vial

Just use one or the other, no need for both. I used to use 25mg/day of clomid, on cycle.

Can we get back to the topic at hand?

No possible. There is no number below zero, and on cycle you’re at zero.