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What's a Good Number for Hip Thrust?


I don't know where to post this, so I'll just ask here.

In your opinion, what's a good number for the hip thrust exercise? Say that my back squat is 100kg/225lb.

I basically want to know how strong my hip is.



Normally I would say... three women at two hours a piece puts you in the elite category.



If I read my original post, it seems a bit silly but I've read that Cressey article where he stated that someone with a dormant hip (gluteus muscle) can have trouble doing hip thrust exercises and the dormant hip is basically limiting his/her other lifts.


Your hips are weak. If you think you have "dormant hips" you can maybe do some glute activation work, but really at a 225 squat you need to stop worrying about the minutia. Get to a 500 lb squat and then think about this stuff, and by then you'll probably realize it doesn't matter.


I personally never hip thrust into any girl over 160.


I have gym squatted 535 raw and 605 single ply. I have never done a hip thrust with a barbell. Still got a ways to go, but dont think Ill be hip thrusting anytime soon.


Any girl over 160 is a ME day man, gotta test yourself every so often.

Anyways, I have done them, but to me not worth it. I found the bar dug into my hip bone too much as I started getting into the 300-400 lb range. I stick to women on top now for it. More fun and works my muscles more.


Y'all just aren't strong enough for women above 160.

If it's digging into your hips, try using the pussy pad, it works for me. (No joke.)


I kind of disagree about this being minutia as my squat went up rather fast after getting my glutes working and one great way to do this is hip thrusts.

To the OP: are you planning to do these with your upperback elevated on a bench? If not and you are doing them on the floor you can use a lot of weight (maybe even as much as you can squat). I'd recommend doing them with your upperback elevated on something though. Also try to really start driving your hips forward on all your leg movements (squats and deads) to start learning how to use your newly awakened/strengthened ass muscles. For what it is worth I used to do sets of 10 with anywhere from 50-80% of what I could squat, but I'd recommend just finding something challenging and then work from there.


I get drunk and buck off fatties for my hip thursts.

My gym doesn't have pussy pads, may have to just suck it up.


Does you gym have thick foam mats? You can also double up yoga mats


you're not helping my excuses to NOT do them here... But that would work!


they definitely suck, but they are great for helping your lockout if you lose pulls above the knee, and it's a good progression for chronic chair-dwellers who have mastered all the basic glute activation exercises.


Yeah I'm planning to do them with my back on a bench. Now I think I have a rough idea about how heavy I should aim for.


My glutes are very strong. My glute bridge is at 605. Not sure about hip thrusts tho. Above 405. My lockouts on dead lift and squat are very good as a result, but my quad/ hamstring strength is much less, so my squats have yet to break 400 and my dead lift is only 430.

....so it helps a lot for lockout, but is kinda worthless unless your legs can match.

.....BUT it gives you insane power in bed which is pretty cool.


Why are there no powerlifting female law students here?

f'ing sucks.


I think instead of focusing on special exercises, you should just focus on squatting for now. I think the tendency is for people to look for the special/secret/super-advanced technique or program that will turn them into a freak, but IMO that is the wrong way to go about it. Sometimes, and almost always with beginners, the answer is just that you need to get stronger by putting in a shitload of hard work.

This appears to apply to you. Here's what I'd suggest: 1.perfect your form. 2. eat more. 3. stick to basics and work your ass off.
GM's beat the hell out of hip thrusts or glute bridges any day if you ask me.


What's a GM?

Actually I just want to know if I have a dormant hip or not. With my 100kg squat if I could hip thrust 80kg I think that's probably enough (hip isn't dormant). But who knows perhaps it's the secret exercise that I need :wink:


GM is short for goodmorning.

Dormant hip, meaning what exactly? Do you mean weak glutes?

Your muscles won't be "dormant." They might be weak, tight, or injured though. I still say just push your numbers for a while before you start worrying about stuff like this, but if you can post a video, we can probably help you figure out where your form is off and where your weak links are.

For comparison's sake though, I squat 605 raw and can do glute bridges with 455 for reps, although I haven't seen much benefit from them.


Good Mornings. And I absolutely agree with strengthstudent. You dont need to worry about your hip activation. You arent at that level. Sick to the basics. You need a solid foundation.


Ok thanks guys, and since I also do good mornings (and hyperextensions) perhaps I shouldn't worry about this matter.

Sometimes reading articles on the web makes you wondering about various things, but the good thing is that we also have forums like this.

PS: it's an article by Bret Contreras that I read not Cressey.