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What Supplements Should I Absolutely Be Taking & How Much?

Hello T Nation,

I understand that diet + sleep is paramount to recovery. However, I was wondering if there’s any supplements I could take to improve my recovery between sessions / general well-being. Feeling pretty run down today and having to take off from the gym sucks.

Here’s what I have in my cupboard

  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Fish Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6

Anything else? I would also like to hear your thoughts on dosages as well.

none of those are must-haves.

so, the title of this thread, the things you ABSOLUTELY should be taking, are nothing. There is not a single supplement that is truly necessary. I like caffeine, I don’t use much else.

If you want to improve your general well being and recovery, you are much better of doing it through clean eating. Good dietary habits are FAAAAAAR more effective for those purposes than any supplement on the market. Eating clean will give you a better sense of well being, a clear head, and you’ll be able to properly recover between sessions. Drinking a lot of water is also much more important than most people realize.

I also recommend relatively high sodium intake for most athletes, UNLESS you have a specific health condition that prohibits it.


Thank you for your help @flipcollar…i do eat “clean”. I eat eggs, chicken, salmon, tilapia, sweet potatoes, plenty of green veggies everyday. I got my blood levels checked and I have low testosterone at 17 and low vitamin D. Was doing a bit of research and trying to build a supplement stack

Is that all you eat? How many calories per day?

how low is your testosterone?


around 2200 - 2300 calories a day…I am 5’8 130lbs pretty lean (I’d say 11-12% bf). Testosterone is in the 200s got it tested like a week back

Yeah thats all I eat

How much weight have you gained with this approach?

I can’t give you a spot on accurate number, but around 5lbs in two months. That’s 2.5lbs/a month, which fits with Coach Thibadeau’s recommendations found here

Does it fit with Jim Wendlers recommendations? Since you’re following one of his programs, from memory.

Anti Inflammation effects of fish oil will make your cardiovascular system age slower over the next four decades. Just something to consider.

Linus Pauling also theorized Vitamin C would slow the aging of your cardiovascular system.

Any reason in particular you don’t eat beef or pork? You could probably push the calories a little harder and simply introducing fattier meat will do that.

Can’t stress this enough

is he trying to gain weight? I missed it if he said that.

But yea. This diet looks like what someone would eat if they were trying to lose weight, not gain weight. Which is fine if ‘wellness’ is really the only aim. But yea, I’d totally revamp it if weight gain was desired.

I’m a big fan of the premises behind the vertical diet, building a diet around quality red meat, a lot of white rice and a variety of vegetables. Which is VERY different from the approach outlined by the OP in this thread.

Hmm nah I don’t think it was stated here. I definitely just implied it from some of his other threads and the dialogue here.

As Stan efferding says take a blood test .
Find your deficiencies and get the appropriate supplements. The body performs and responds well when it’s working properly.

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I’m glad to see New Batman has popped in. Always good to see a sensible approach to life.

creatine worth a look in, personally like krealkalyn, creapure fine also.

T very low up your good fats significantly.
As underweight get in something intra workout even just watered down apple juice/gatorade etc…

To be fair, in this case he agrees with some very smart people. Fish oil and vitamin C are both recommended by some very smart people.

Yeah, I do agree with him. Just found it funny that he took a break from recounting tales of attempted assassinations to answer supplement questions.


Add vitamin d and the b vitamins while your at it. Strong healthy system.