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What I Want

Looking at myself in the mirror, I decided how I would like to look. My pecs are starting to develop, which means I’m in the direction of chest instead of breasts (moobs). My arms are starting to show definition. My back is bulging strong- a lot of it due to 25 years in construction. My problem area is the belly and love handles. I lose fat and gain muscle everywhere but these 2 areas. I’m thinking about starting Alpha Male and Hott Roxx. Will this help me out in those areas? I’m not looking for a competition body, just a leaner look. Anybody got any extra advice? The only way I can eat any cleaner is if I start eating like a rabbit, and maybe some hay.

Welcome. Can you describe your training some more?

I am assuming your about 35-40 so as long as the rest of your health is in order, I like a E/C/A at 12.5/200/1 regular aspirin, once 1 hr after breakfast then again 1 hr after lunch. I do this for 4 weeks tops. then use Hot Roxs (I am using Overdrive right now with good results) or any kind of diet aid, JUST MAKE SURE THERE IS NO EPHEDRINE IN IT as this is what you do not want for 1 month, then go back to the ECA stack.

Your belly and love handles are going to be the last place you notice the weight leaving.
Also make sure you are eating enough calories. That’s my biggest problem. I have to eat about 4,000 cals a day or my body goes into starvation mode and packs on the inches.

On a side note, you know you cant go by the scale anymore. You are lifting, hopefully utilizing a 60/30/10 pro/carb/fat calorie split so your belt is your friend, not the scale.

Good luck