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What Foods that Make You Sleep Faster and Better

i only sleep 4-5 hours and i need about 8-10 hours what food can help me to sleep better and faster?

Have you tried anything with Tryptophan or melatonin in it? Both are supposed to be great for those having sleep issues.

I don’t think everyone needs the same amount of sleep. Everybody is different, so maybe trying to get 8-10 in unrealistic.

I’ve indicated in another thread where I’ve changed up my diet a bit, eating predominantly protein and fat during the day and taking in my carbs in the evening. Everyone is different, but man…the carbs in the evening has REALLY resulted in much better sleep for me. I can fall asleep much faster and go into deep sleep much faster.

Z-12…that also works for me pretty good. But I don’t use it all the time.