What Do You Make with Ground Beef/Turkey?

A lot of people seem to be mentioning in the “What to buy for bulking on a tight budget” thread that they use ground beef or some say ground turkey.

I think of myself as a pretty good cook. I make a lot of Salmon, Tuna, Chicken, Steak… but I can’t seem to find any decent ways of using ground beef aside from hamburgers or just cooking it into a pasta sauce…

What are you all doing with ground meat that actually tastes good?

Tacos sans shells is pretty good.

Just make the ground beef with taco seasoning, toss it into a bowl, and mix in whatever you would normally put on your tacos (shredded cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, etc…).

Brown a lb of chopped meat, toss in about a dozen eggs, some fat free mozzarella cheese, then dose with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. :smiley:


Here’s a quick one:

Berardis chili is always a good meal. You could make shepards pie, or fajitas. Ive eaten ground beef cooked with just ketchup with 2-3 cups of sweet potatoes on the side for 2 meals a day when money was tight. Another meal could be an egg meal with toast, then your shakes with oats and whatever else you like in between meals. It dosen`t get much more economical than that.

Taken from Waylander’s recipe, I brown it, rinse it, throw in some salsa and have it on top of some salad with tomatoes, sour cream and sometimes cheese. Like a taco salad without the tacos.

[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
Brown a lb of chopped meat, toss in about a dozen eggs, some fat free mozzarella cheese, then dose with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. :smiley:


I just had that for my previous meal. Took 6oz ground beef, scrambled 3 eggs,threw on some cheese and red hot, mix, and enjoyed. :slight_smile:

I’ll usually just brown it then pour on some ketchup and BBQ sauce (low carb if I can find it), then have either by itself or on those Carb Balance tortillas or on whole wheat buns if my diet allows. Sometimes I will saute onions into it as well, pretty tasty.

You could add stir fry vegetables for a complete meal.

I make burgers with ground turkey. Every week two packages of ground turkey with diced mushrooms and onions, garlic powder, salt, red chile pepper, and worcestershire sauce. It makes 10 4.5oz burgers. I make them all and bag them on Sunday and I have snacks for work for the week.

When pressed for time, I fry up a 1/2 lb of ground turkey with some diced up green bell pepper. When the meat is done, I sprinkle in some teriyaki sauce. It’s pretty good for as simple as it is.

I got this recipe off BBB and it’s been great.

1lb Beef & 1/2 Pound Lamb mince
Pack of cherry tomatoes, chopped in halves
Handful or 2 of jalapenos, chopped
Chinese/Stiry Fry lettuce
Spices to taste.

It’s very addictive.

Go thai.

you’ll need

beef or turky
fresh limes
Kaffir Lime leaf if you can get them
fresh mint
fish sauce or soy sauce if you want
red curry paste
or fresh small red chilis

chili’s etc ( make it as hot as you like)
fresh coconut juice if you like not canned.

chop the mint leaves
chop one or two lime leaves
dice the shallots
dice the chili’s
red curry paste if your using it.

add that all to a hot frying pan with olive oil
cook on pretty high heat
after a few minutes add your beef or turkey

once browned, add juice from 1/2 a lime
tsp sugar
tsp fish sauce or soy sauce

add the coconut juice if you want it
cook for another few minutes on High heat.

you can obviously add in what ever veggies you like,
shredded carrots, peppers, eggplant mushrooms what ever.

I eat this all the time

I brown up a few pounds with some general spices (onion, garlic, pepper, little salt, little chili powder) and keep it on hand. Throw a couple of scoops in a pan with some spinach in the AM. Add eggs and salsa. Save some for mid-morning eats.

Also works good to just add a little homemade Korean BBQ sauce and make lettuce wraps out of it with some shredded carrots.

Haven’t tried the salad versions like other said, but that’s on the menu for tomorrow. And when it comes right down to it I’ll just mix in some salsa or tomato sauce and eat it as is.

Everything I do has already been posted, but my fav’s are to brown it, throw in a bunch of taco or cajun seasoning and then add it to a big bowl of lettuce and salsa.

Or I’ll have it for breakfast where I brown it in a pan and while it’s still in there, I pour in a dozen egg whites, mix/stir and then wrap it all up with salsa, low-fat cheddar cheese, and lettuce and have a bunch of what I call “breakfast burritos”… Can also make a nice omlet and pour in a bunch of cooked ground beef into the middle…

The sky’s the limit with this stuff…


I make sloppy joes all the time. Drain the grease, add a can of some tomato soup, throw in some spices, grab some wheat buns and yer done. I’m always trying to gain though so these work great.

I love plain ground beef by itself, but I also love adding shredded cheese into it.