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What Causes ED from TRT


2 months into TRT via Test C 100mg weekly. Started TRT to gain muscle and loose fat ( my total T was below normal - I am 45 y/o ) my nuts have always been small but NO SEXUAL problems until now - my dr only rx Test and not HCG or AI - going back to him and a urologist in a week to fix the ED problem . Based on this situation what do you guys think is problem - what blood test should I request also . Will HCG help at all with ED - btw I did gain muscle and loose fat and have been working out daily and I DON'T WANT TO STOP THE TRT if I can help it work .


What have you tested thus far?

You may have spiked estrodiol.

That test would be E2 lef. Org has a ultra sensitive male hormone panel

Shbg would be good to look at




Lol and the list goes on

If its just since trt I would check E2 but also you really should find out why you have low T to begin with

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I have primary hypo gonadism if that helps clear up anything



Your response was not helpful. Please see some of what goes on in some of other guys threads.
Read the advice for new guys sticky.

You may have an estrogen problem.

Take this back to your other thread where we can see what is going on.


I saw how in depth the others bloodwork was . I was just wanting to know what the most likely cause of my sudden ED onset was after starting TRT ( without AI or HCG ) - thanks for any opinions you may have


What was lh and fsh prior to trt. I hear people say they are primary all the time and find they are indeed secondary and something else is going on. At the same time I don’t know what you not have we seen your labs


My LH was high - ( dr said that means LH is trying to start my nuts up ) fsh was normal . My testicals have always been quite small measuring in at the size of almonds in shells but now they are size without of shells . My thyroid levels have been in range - I take hypothyroid meds for 20 years . If I can’t get the ED fixed I will go off TRT - what rx do I need to start my natural production up if I quit TRT


I don’t know enough about you…

You need to reAd the advice for new guys sticky

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People normally use serms like clomid or nolvadex.

Hcg may also play a part if your not on hcg which I’m guessing not


Went to get my E2 levels and T levels checked today - results in a few days


I also reviewed previous bloodwork and my FSH was 3 x normal but the LH was in range - all my previous blood work tested total testosterone and was approx. 130 ( 325-1100 range ) thyroid levels in range .


My bloodwork shows normal levels for testosterone and above high for estrodiol 63 ( 8-43 range ) - I need to get this fixed ! Dr won’t rx AI - he has no idea how this works - he will rx cialis though - I heard cialis will lower estrogen and raise T but who knows how true that is -


Cialis will not. Can you get stuff in the mail from Europe or India? You may need to self medicate AI.

Your E2 seems way too high. Can you get liver tests AST/ALT. Liver problems can lead to high E2.

Post all labs please.


I am located in Washington DC now - I can mail order rx if Dr will not treat high estrodiol . Thanks for your input KS