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What Belt to Get?


So Christmas is coming up and I plan to ask for a belt. Which one should I get?

Also, I've never really worn a belt when squatting (rarely went below 5 reps till now). What rep range do yall believe a belt is necessary?


I have worn two Inzer belts, a lever and a single-prong. They are both terrific. I've worn an EFS prime cut as well, also very good. (Reason I own three is they are 3 different sizes as my BW has ranged from 180 to 245 over the last several years). Whether it's Inzer or Titan or whatever, you probably won't notice much difference. Just get a good belt...not cheap but it should last a very long time.


I never worried about a belt in rep ranges, only when the weight dictated it.


inzer lever action or single prong is great. 10mm or 13mm will work.


I'd highly recommend going single prong for your first belt...that's just my opinion. We had a discussion about this a few weeks back, I think the title was "Inzer 13mm forever belt" As Ramo said, it doesn't matter too much when it comes to Inzer or Titan (who sells Toro and SafeUSA belts). AFAIK about the most expensive belt is a custom deal from SafeUSA, if it's a prong belt they set your middle hole at your current measurement so you can gain or lose weight.


I wouldn't worry about rep ranges. I've used my belt for sets of 10 and 1RM. In general I use a belt for all my work sets. Don't over think this stuff.

I have a single prong belt from Inzer and it works just fine.


I have an inzer 13mm lever. I love it and would recommend it to anyone. If you use the same setting for your belt for all your lifts the lever works great; however, if you like a different tightness for different lifts, a prong belt would be more convenient.

13mm is overkill for what I need, it looks like a tire re-tread, I could have gone with a 10mm.




So the consensus is Inzer? I was looking at Titan and its a bit cheaper...is it worth the extra $30?


I have no experience with the Titan "Toro" belts that they are offering...The "Ultra" is a SafeUSA belt. If you're getting an off-the-shelf size I think you can get a SafeUSA belt for a bit cheaper. The SafeUSA Ultras and the Inzers are comparable as far as I can tell. I'd spend the $$$ on an Inzer or Safe and call it a day...it's not money you're going to have to spend again anytime soon.


Ok, I think I'm going to go with the Inzer. So Aeyogi mentioned that for him 13mm was overkill. I originally had 13mm in mind, but will i ever need it?


not unless you plan on squatting over a grand any time soon, in that case, i would just stick with the 10mm until you feel the need for a 13.


13mm is more comfortable for me after they are broke in. You don't NEED a belt period, so get what you want


Enquire as to what they're using for the lever before getting one from Inzer. The old lever they used was shit and would break if dropped the wrong way. I literally was able to snap what remained with my hands after it broke; it was very disappointing from a nice 13mm belt.
I'd say a lever is a better bet than buckle, if you get a belt that allows you to use only one set of "teeth" or two. This lets you have 1 inch worth of adjustment easy, and any further adjustment can be made with a screwdriver or a penny in about a minute. Compared to the time spent putting on and taking off a buckle belt, you actually save time in the long run.


Wow...that is interesting to say the least. I can't believe the lever just broke like that!! So who do you feel makes a good belt AND a good lever?


They only break if you drop or throw your belt and it lands wrong. I have broke 1 in 10+ years. You can buy a new lever if you need to. I love lever belts, so much easier than a getting a prong belt tight. My 12 year old daughter is just getting into PL and she will be getting an Inzer lever belt for X-Mas...just haven't decided if it will be 10mm or 13mm yet.


I haven't tried many belts. I got the Inzer Forever 13mm in a lever and it was great; maybe too much for someone who is less girthy or really bothered by it digging in to either your rib or hip.
Again, it was and still is a good belt, it just had a fragile lever; there is every possibility that issue has been fixed so it'd behoove you to inquire. Bought a replacement lever from Lifting Large ( http://www.liftinglarge.com/replacementleverbuckle-newlowerprice.aspx ) and the belt is still going after 5 years of abuse.

All in all, the important thing is to get a good quality belt that will let you use two of the "teeth" for loose fit and all four "teeth" for a tight fit. Good quality means you won't be replacing it for a looooooong time, and having loose and tight without adjusting anything really is handy. If you can check out any belts that your mates or powerlifters have you'll get a better idea. Really, if you need to buy another lever like I did, so be it; I'd have happily paid the extra upfront to get a proper one, I simply wasn't aware it was an issue when I got mine, so it's a heads up!


I think it's a bit silly having a buckle that can break simply from being dropped. That said, I'll happily pay the extra 20 bucks or so to have a spare lever and not worry about it. Over the life of the belt, an extra 20 is nothing!


zulu glove defcon evolution, mine just arrived today and im pretty impressed with it.


Doesn't the 'forever' guarantee cover the broken lever?