Westside Set-up Questions

Two quick questions regarding the westside program.

a. For Good Mornings am I to take it to parallel only or should I go as low as possible. From prior readings (different trainers) I have read that it is best to take it as low as possible. I wanted to see if this is suitable in this setup.

b. For Box Squats - since I do not have a Max should I base my % off of my full squat for DE days or should I obtain a max first?

a) I would take it only to parallel. There you are always in control of the Barbell. Getting as low as you can makes no sense for me, but I am not God and so I am not almighty.

b) I would increase the weight till you are near max or have your max weight. I think that you do some sets before your max attempt right?
So increase till you hit your max border. That`s what I did for my WS4SB modified plan.

a) as low as you can while keeping your arch

b) spend a few weeks learning the box squats before you attempt to max. It’ll be worth it.

Thank you for both. I was going to do the Box squat for my DE days only until I get the hang of them. That is why I am unsure of what weight I should use. I