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Went to Planet Fitness Today...


A buddy of mine who works out there invited me, i wanted to see what every one was talking about so i went.
I walk in the doors, first thing I see written on the wall in letters a s big as my torso... "LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR". Wearing a shorts and a beater and a little bit aof muscle on me, grandma and her chubby grandaughter stare me down.

Its chest shoulder and tri day so we head to the back to the ....smith machines. While heading back I pass endless machines that all say "Judgement Free", and the weight rack from 5lbs to a whopping 75lbs. Above the weight racks was the infamous Lunk Alarm, Abanner that said "NO GRUNTING, NO WEIGHT DROPPING, and NO JUDGING" with a purple siren underneither ready to go off at any given moment.

Anyways we walked to the back and pumped out our sets of bench. With everyone looking at me struggling and ... grunting to push the weight, I felt as if I was being (dare I say) Judged.

The place was so quiet my voiced stress was literally echoing throught out the gym. I kept looking at the purple alarm waiting for it go off.
Chest complete shoulders complete and on the last set of skull crushers, I am pretty beat and I aint holding back. An over wieght lady wearing a purple Planet Fitness shirt (a fitness coach maybe?) came up tp me and said "You are going to half to let out another way because you are making way too much noise, or you will get in trouble". To be honest I was hoping someone would say something to me.

I wasnt mean about it. I just told her I cant hold it in or i might pop a blood vessel , and it was my last set anyway. She thanked me then returned behind the desk with 3 other chubby employees. On my way out I was half tempted to dip into the jar of tootie rolls, but I resisted.

To sum up, I was judged by those who dont wanna be judged. I lifted like normal, wasnt being an ass but wasnt being an old lady. They dont like me.
Not an exciting story I know but just thought I would share it with you guys. Needless to say I aint going back.

Whose next?


Lol if one of those damn fucking gyms open in Minnesota I am going to burn the place down.


hahah... great story!


Oh yea HolyMac, still waiting on the promised video...


Burn down the gym or Minnesota?


Was HolyMac there?


If you knew you were going to PF, you should have recorded yourself setting off the lunk alarm. Maybe next time....?? lol...


No but he has a whole thread promising to set off the alarm cause havok and get kicked out, with the whole event being filmed. No such event has been posted yet.


Lol, leave the guy alone.. He'll do it when he'll find the time. In the meantime you're free to beat him to it :wink:.

On topic, I can't wait for either PF to move outside the US or for me to move there and try it out too.. Hopefully I'll be a bit bigger by then.


Blasphemy HolyMac!

Anyways, you should have gone to the fat lady and told her "I'm being stared at, feeling I'm being judged. can you tell them to stop please?"

So they don't have music playing? How does anyone actually make progress in that gym? Just so sad.


Yea it was dead quiet, no one talking or nothing. The only music was 1 guy wearing head phones, but I couldnt get my head close enough to his to hear it....maybe it was motivational tapes.


I think a tilde wave is coming! Run to high ground!


This place fucking pisses me off, what's the point in a gym if you cannot make any sound? If everything is supposed to be kept quiet so the people who are fatasses can feel good about themselves and almost like where they are in fitness is awesome. The point in a gym is to get in shape and better ones body but how can that be done if you cannot use/show intensity or use your energy and do things such as breath heavy and or grunt? This gym is meant for people who can't cut it for real gyms, It's a pityclub so everyone who is fat/scrawny can feel accepted in it and anyone with real muscle and who knows how to get real muscle is shunned and not allowed..Planet Fitness should not be referenced to as a gym anymore, because from what i read its not.



Stupid random thought: wouldn't "right next to a planet fitness" be an ideal location to open an hardcore gym ?


haha, chances are it would scare off Planet Fitness's clients. It'd be an amazing idea.


with an outdoor lifting area right up front....ala muscle beach


I worked out at a Planet Fitness for a while. Maybe this one is different, or maybe you guys blow all this stuff out of proportion. The one I went to played music (shitty, but music nonetheless). There was a lunk alarm, it never went off. There were some bodybuilders and a few powerlifters. They went in, got their work done. They didn't bother anyone, no one bothered them. In addition to myself there were a few other college football players. Big dudes, again no problem.

Technically there is no deadlifting allowed but the owner allowed people to deadlift as long as we didn't slam the weight. Yes, the DBs only went up to 75. But the barbells still held as much weight as you could lift. And as for being looked at by the other members, doesn't that happen in every gym? Are you telling me that if someone was in your gym putting up big numbers on the bench no one would check it out? I don't agree with some of their written policies. But for 10 bucks a month i gave it a shot and I made some great progress in there. They may have some gay ass signs and shit in there, but it's a gym. No matter what the signs on the walls say a couple 45 pound plates on a 45 pound bar are the same as they are in any gym. I did my squats, power cleaned, didn't deadlift because it's not part of my team's offseason lifting program. I never saw anyone asked to stop grunting.

It is not a terrible place. It is geared towards 1st time gym members and women. Think about it, if you wanna make money there's more of these than the kind of people on this forum. Doesn't mean you can't still go there and make progress. The whole "judging" thing is really that they don't want guys sitting there staring at the girls the whole time making them uncomfortable. Again, never saw this enforced. Are there some disgusting fatbodies there? Yes. Music sucks? Yes. DBs only up to 75 lbs? Yes. 10 bucks on a college student's budget? I'll make due.




Honestly, I have no real problem with it. It blows for someone trying to make progress, but it keeps those people out of my way.

It is great for people like my mother and aunt who are real casual and will never need a DB over 65lbs for ten years. Then these ladies aren't taking up a flat bench at my gym, or spending 45 mins doing abs in the corner where I like to DL or whatever.

I don't know. I wouldn't want to lift there because of the limitations, but I think it's prefect for some people.


I guess thats true, I take back some of my previous rant..