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Weird Trap Injury


I can do both vertical and horizontal shrugging motions with no pain. I can also do rowing movements with no pain, however, later in the evening I will feel my right trap start to tighten and then the next day it will be in pain and slowly get better over the course of 2 or 3 days.

If I let it get completely free of pain then give it two extra days, I can hammer traps with shrugs of any type and have no problem. If I throw in some light rowing, could be Chest Supported, Bent Over, Cable Rows, whatever, that trap is going to be in pain. I think I can do One Arm Rows without a problem but I haven't had a chance to conclusively verify it.

When it starts to tighten up heat seams to help a little. Rolling doesn't do a thing.

Any ideas?


have you had a doc check you out just to make sure there's no pathology here?

if so and all seems well, what you describe is often a kind of tendonopathy related start of an issue.

So here's the deal: back off your loads in case there's some inflammation building up and let your shoulders repair.

YOu might want to consider the "it's too easy to be true" approach of the 40day program dan john describes here to help


dr mc schraefel, phd cscs


It doesn't seem like tendonopathy but with my injury track record, I can't argue. Looks like I am going to have to pull way back, it got aggravated yesterday just from squatting.