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Weird Nutritional Health Habits

Only recently occured to me that I tend to implement certain things into my nutritional programme that aren’t particularly normal. I’ve been doing them for so long that they’re pretty much second nature- the most noticable one being that I add particular things to whatever food I’m currently eating, for the health or physique benefits they promote.

We’re talking garlic and ketchup (for antioxidant properties of allicin and lycopene,) turmeric (anti-imflammatory,) chilli’s (metabolic effects of capsaicin,) and vinegar and cinnamon (for their effects on insulin.) Now, I’m not talking every ingredient listed in every meal I eat (I imagine vinegar on oatmeal tastes like shit,) but usually at least 4 of the 6 are included. Maybe it has an effect, maybe it doesn’t, but as I’ve said, it’s now just become habit, plus I enjoy the tastes. Anybody else have any unusual nutritional kinks?

salsa + pureed pumpkin is my favorite condiment on chicken or other kinds of meat