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Weird Blood Sugar Response


History of diabetes in my family, but I have for the most part avoided it (blood sugar tested at 95 postprandial fairly regularly).

Today, bought these triopro protein cookies that claim to be made of decent macro profile, with 38g carbs, 14 fiber, 9 sugar alc. Ingredients are clean, sugar alc is erythritol and polydextrose, which I know are both good ones.

Anyways, conclusion: Tested my blood sugar tonight, after eating a half cookie, some assorted crap- jerky, raspberries, salad, etc. and it's a whopping 138

What gives? Is this a freak reading, do i have a hypoglycemia problem, or is this potentially related to the cookie?


I think to test blood sugar levels you have to have fasted first, any reading taken when you have eaten within the last 4 hours (maybe 2 not sure) is not a correct reading


I've got hypoglycemia, and I never have that problem, let alone when eating fruits. It could be just a freak thing, or a bad test. Keep testing consistantly, that will be the best indicator.


While this is true for normal people, while monitoring hypoglycemia or a diabetes prone individual, you need to test at different times. I occasionally test pre and post meals, just to see my response.

Although you are correct that most readings should still be fasted.


Hypoglycemia is when your blood sugar is low, not high.

As for fasted vs. non-fasted testing... It really doesn't matter when you test if you are not diabetic your numbers should still be normal. If you are ever above 175 (most doctor's say 200) at any given point in your life, whether it be 5 minutes after eating or 5 hours, you are diabetic.

138 is nothing to worry about, especially if you had just eaten that much.


Recently I've been testing my blood sugar levels also. First in a fasted state in the morning and then throughout the day before and after meals to see my responses. To make a long story short all the readings were pretty normal in relation to what I ate or the activity I did, but the surprising thing was I ate 2 low carb protein bars (EAS I believe)and the reading shot up to somwhere in the 130's which I also thought was strange. My guess is, as it's been all along is that most of the protein bars out there are garbage and don't meet label claims, or that sugar alcohols do spike blood sugar levels. That's why I rarely eat them unless it's the only thing available and I'm starving. Plus if they have a lot of sugar alcohols in them I get the runs,lol.


I would not be too concerned. Although your reading was on the high side of normal, given the food you ate and the inaccuracy of the meter, you should be fine. If you feel that worried, pick a day and take readings before and after every meal. If you are still getting numbers high enough to worry you, talk to a doc.


Update: thanks for everyone's responses. I posted another thread asking for specific diabetic bodybuilding info, so hopefully I can get some advice there.

I've taken fasting blood glucose tests after this scare: they're normal, 80 after ~9 hours fast. 2 hour post eating tests are also normal, 110-130. However, 15 minutes after eating, I get readings from 175 to 190, suggesting that I have some metabolic syndrome/poor insulin sensitivity going on, which is unsurprising given family history.


IS the meter you're using yours? Bought or given specifically to you and used only by you, and regularaly calibrated? Are the test strips new enough? The older the strips the lower the accuracy. Your readings could be as much as 40% off.

The 175 to 190 15 minutes after eating does suggest some insulin issues, but since we can't guarantee the accuracy I suggest you go see a doctor and get an A1C test. Those can't be wrong.