weight loss question?

If I got 15lbs. of pure waste to get rid of and I’m lifting 5days and treadmill 3-4 days.Isn’t that bf going to burn up before you start burning muscle mass?

Depends on things like your diet, how long since you ate, the intensity at which you are training etc.

I don:t know what does your diet look like?


From general experience I’d say that the lower bf you are the more difficult it is to burn fat w/out lean muscle at the same time. What’s your current bf?

If you’re asking whether or not your body will utilize bodyfat it has before it EVER uses muscle tissue than no, that’s not the case. Otherwise it would be very easy to get ripped.

Your diet and whether or not it supplies the right amounts of macronutrients, along with the right types, will determine whether or not you burn fat and maintain your muscle

If you want anymore help, you’re gonna need to post all the details you can.

If you are doing your cardio at 65% of max heart rate for an hour or doing some of CT’s interval training, then probably fat. Diet is also a key factor.
If you are burning more than 2 pounds a week then you might be losing muscle. Hope this helps.

O.K. be easy on me I’m new.7a.m.protein shake,1/2 cup100% oatmeal.10a.m.protein shake,1-1/2cup mix veg.at gym 10:30 till 12:30. 1p.m.protein shake,turkey breast sand.,apple,1/4 cup nat. almonds.4p.m. 1oz beef jerky,orange.7p.m.1 can tuna on salad bowl of asparagus.The way I figure roughly 277g protein,176carb,24fat and only1853 total cal.Work out is chest-bicep-abs on mon. tues-cardio, wed.legs, thurs.back-tricep-abs,fri.off,sat.-legs,sun.-off.I eat real close to this every day changing to salmon,chicken,venison ect.

been back in gym for 1 month after 2 yr. layoff from severe shoulder injury.Was at 210 now 195 due to extreme clean diet & no more beer.Dont know BF yet &cant find formula to figure out calories.I know I needmore carbs&total calories,but from what foods.I hope this info. helps you guys help me. Thanks iron.head

Like others have replied 90% of of loss is going to burn down to your diet. If you are eating enough yopu could put on weight while lifting 5 day and doing cardio 3-4.

As for finding out your maint. k/cals you just need to track your cals over a week or to and average it out if you are maintaining weight. No equation is going to work for everyone, they just give a good place to start.

For example the easiest way I have found to get close to most ppls maint. k/cals on a mixed diet is to simlpy multiply bodyweight by 16. Then take this figure eat that amount for two weeks and see if you are gaining, maintaining or losing. and adjust by 200k/cals or so from their to find your maint…

Hope that helps somehow.

From everything I’ve read on this site you need to be eating at least 2500 calories a day at your weight if you want to keep muscle and burn fat. It’s all “eat to lose” and “eat to gain”. Food is fuel, and nutrition is the keystone to a solid lean body. You got it dialed, just add a meal.

Thanks for the advice.Much better to ask guys liviing this life style than to read out of mag. I got one more for ya.On days off do you keep diet the same or cut down because no gym time?Phill,I started squat&deadlift into routine on sun.as you suggeted. I must have over did it,Ican hardly sit down on crapper,ha,ha.Feels good though,what a difference.Thanks everyone,I’m glad I found this site.You guys are awesome!