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Weak Points at Contest


Hey bros. First contest pics up, I was wondering if I could get some critiques and pick out my weak points so I know what to bring up. My conditioning was not as far along as I wanted to be, but rest aside I would appreciate the help. Imo I think I need to bring up my arms/chest but would like your opinions. Thanks.




Honestly from what I see I would just say more mass overall, everywhere. Triceps look like they may be a weak point though.


Ya definately the overall goal is mass. I weighed in a measly 165 lol....


maybe more quad sweep and also more upper chest


I'm only going from your current avatar pic (rear lats), but you look pretty narrow in what is supposed to be a "look how wide I am!" pose. Possibly just how you hit that particular shot, or maybe you need a little more meat up there. Any other pics? (Oh, and I compete at just 5 lbs more than you, and I certainly don't think I looked tiny on stage -lol)



I second mass everywhere, and more triceps. Some more pics would help if you want better advice.


Along with the overall mass comments, which I agree with. I think working on your posing will benefit you greatly. For instance, in the side chest. You pulled your elbow back too far and it gives the illusion of less size, it should look more like my avatar.

Same with the rear lat spread. Your hands are too far down and because of that you were not able to fully extend your scapluea and thus were unable to display your full width.

You looked sharp though man, good job. Don't mean to bust your balls :slight_smile:


Nope haha, thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks all