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We Want John Davies


I am calling all renegade T-Nation members to join me!
we want more articles of Coach Davies!


I also would like to see some more articles from Coach Davies.


no we dont.

although another written beatdown from Eric Cressey in the Authors' Locker Room would be fun.


You'll need to go to the Renegade site and the forum through ProSource for more info/articles on RT.


I missed that in the Locker Room, got a link?


Me as well! That guy doesn't fool around when it comes to training!



I'm guessing he's referring to this:






Although I have used (and am currently using) Renegade Training, I've never been down with the instability training (Indo board, indo cushion, etc.). The programs I follow also focus on pretty basic stuff (conditioning through various GPP, kbells, rope work, and weight training). The good stuff!


Wow. That was an ass whooping from beginning to end. I didn't see that the first time around but it was worth reading 100%


its one of my favorite all time threads, You get the best out of people in terms of debate when there is a contested issue. Its no fun when everyone agrees.

I cant get round the renegade philosophy, am i missing something here


We want coach Davies, he's the man, and not bitching about cooking, groceries shopping, etc.


yup, that's the one. the think tanks disappeared for a few days after this, but were quickly brought back by popular acclaim.


Hmmmm I thought I had read this thread before but then realized that it was another thread BALBOS started. Not hard to make the mistake as since signing up today, he has started at least 12 threads that I can find. Lots of energy in the lad....


Ive allways enjoyed John's articles! I would even ask for the subject to be condition. As i think conditioning is an area often overlooked atleast from the view of articles published online. With just as many variables and possible approaches as hypertrophy or strength. (so there is alot of uncovered ground)

Maybe im biased, i want to do/be a little bit of everything rather then just be huge. Its also my worst area. If anyone has any links to anything he published off T-Nation id love to see it...


I as well would like more Davies articles.

Yeah, that written beatdown by EC is interesting.

What got to me is that what originally was a friendly debate about stability training somehow got turned into a dick-waving contest.

Still, I thoroughly enjoy Coach Davies' take no prisoners attitude and programs.


Does anyone know any pro-athletes from team sports that Davies trains or has trained?

I've never figured out who exactly he works with. I just find things that say he "works with countless NFL players and teams", but never any names.


In medcine they talk about evidence base, whether there is a scientific or evidentiary basis for a course of action.

The premis that "it works in the real world and science knows shit" is a great one, maybe many things do work that way, but demands attention and analysis,

Exercise is notoriously hard to make good sudies for, but it shouldn't mean that we shouldn,t try.


I've never read anything by Cressey since that thread didn't make me think that he was an arrogant little prick for going after Davies the way he did. He can train his way, and let others train theirs.

Davies has much more to offer than him, and now he doesn't write here anymore. Shittest trade in history.