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we really don't eat vegans

I thought I’d drop-in a few comments to the vegetarians who felt offended by that article that the editors posted with my comments last week. (…despite the fact that my comments were clearly stated as food for thought, not a recommendation of any kind)

(I’d also like to thank all of those appreciating my list of facts. Woo! you carnivorous predators can get aggressive!)

First, people need to recognize sarcasm from the T-mag editors in the article’s title (duh!). I sincerely doubt TC or Chris want any vegetarians to die - although TC may indeed get hungry enough to eat a few, if they’re the free-range type.

Second, there have been requests before on the T-Nation Forum specifically asking for vegan rebuttals. The classic horror stories of the livestock industry leave most omnivorous folks actually feeling bad about their meat consumption - and that is wrong in my eyes. What’s that famous quote? “First be a good animal?”

Last week was one more in a series of responses to that need. If one actually READS that article, he/ she will find that indeed veganism (and certainly lacto-ovo-vegetarianism) can be done healthfully and even for bodybuilding purposes. It just requires more planning and education than many beginners typically invest.

If any of you herbivores realy want to get testy, do a Forum search on “vegetarian” and you’ll find things like web sites from a former vegetarian MD that will really hack you off.

Hey, being the “science nerd” that I am, I’m always willing to change my conclusions based on newly-presented data (even if Chis prefers to slap you with a big Texas T-bone, then eat you both)!

Without consideration of both sides of any controversial topic, how can we make solid conclusions?

Okay, enough talk! I’m back to my steak sandwhich now…

LL, you old softee…

We eat meat, we like meat.

I looooove me some meat! And if I am reincarnated as a cow I hope someone eats me too!

Vegans is good eatin’. I’m just waiting on that Mahler guy to drop a kettlebell on his head so I can whip out the BBQ sauce and hunker down.