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Hey guys, I am looking to start up a new program and really like all of chad’s from what I have read. So I am asking my fellow T-nation members which one of his programs you guys would reccomend or to follow any in a specific order. While starting the new program I was considering doing a MAG-10 cycle so any reccomendations would help. just looking to add more size right now I am 5’9" at 190 lbs and 11% BF. any help would be great.


My current favorite is TBT, I’m finishing week six. I was on a four day split previous to TBT. I’m now working out only three days a week on TBT. All of my lifts have gone up, body weight has gone up and BF (by looking in the mirror) appears to be slightly reduced since I started the program. Whichever one you choose, you probably won’t be disappointed.

Hi Scottorius,
This could be a possible sequence of CW’s Programs:
Big Boy Basics
The Waterbury Method
Singles Club

It’s difficult to say which one to start. Personally I performed either ABBH,ABBH2 (alternated upper/lower body workouts) or TBT (total body routines 3Xweek) with good results.
I noticed in the last months a tendency toward total body routines, see for example CW’s TBT and Method, Dan John’s papers and interview (the body is one), Keith Wassung’s “20 reps Squat” that is the main part of a total body routine etc.

Certainly all the comments about TBT, I read on the forums, have been enthusiastic.

Have a good time !

Better get the MAG-10 quick.
Quattro Dynamo. I put on a TON of weight in 3 weeks. Good work going with Waterbury. My two favorite contribs are Waterbury and Staley. Check out Staley’s Snatch part duex too. It gets you acclimated to the Snatch and is REALLY fun.

Scottorious -

In the TBT thread following the article, someone asked Chad how they should order the programs for maximum hypertrophy.

[quote]Chad Waterbury wrote:

Here’s the new breakdown:

Single’s Club

But, anyone who wants to jump into this program right away will reap the hypertrophy benefits. The above is just an example of a long-term plan.[/quote]

Of course, he’s written a couple of new articles since then, but I don’t know where he would place them in the order.

Thanks Guys, I really appreciate all the info and suggestions, Now once I am clear of this flu I am going to start. Btw Jodgey no worries man I stocked up on MAG-10 when they presold it.

Thanks guys,