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Want to Slap A Gym Bitch


Me and a buddy were in my gym today, when a guy I used to know walked in with some douche bag, the douche bag then started benchin, he did 135 8 times, these reps.. no lie.. had a range of motion of three inches, most likely the same size as his penis, he then did.... 12 sets of skull crushers, all with horrible form.... On the last set he yelled out.. THIS DBOL IS REALLY KICKING IN!

I had to say somethin.. So we had a very stupid conversation where he proceeded to tell me that Epistane gave him mad gyno.. and how he took in again and took 50 mg of nolva a day for 8 weeks......... he then told me he was gonna get some test and run in for 3 weeks... and before his set of bicep curls he went outside and smoked a cigarette... he came back in and said... Shit! I wish I could get my bench above 225! I been stuck there for 6 months... I asked him if he does 225 the same way he did the shitty reps with 135 then I left before I hung him on the lat pull down machine




i hope you shook him upside down emptying his pockets of all that dianabol before hanging him on the bar!!


Did you rip a stop sign out of the ground before or after you hung him on the lat pull down machine?


Wow... What scares me is that the guy actually used real names of AAS... which would only leave me to believe that he may not be lying.

Ridiculous story, though.


i stopped reading after "epistane gave me gyno"


This would make a great Terrence Howard Rap song

Slap the gym bitch
slap the slap the gym bitch

Da bitch claimed he was benching 225
He told dis chick dat he had a dope ride
but after he failed at 135
He jumped in his yugo that was right outside

slap the gym bitch
slap the slap the gym bitch


If someone would have yelled "THIS DBOL IS REALLY KICKING IN!" I would have been compelled to ignore them. I think it was a waste of your time to try and educate an idiot.

How do you "used to know" someone? Used to hang out with? Did their personality change or something and you didn't know them anymore? Just razin' ya.


i would have yelled out YEAH ME TOO WOOOOO!!


when a guy I used to know walked in with some douche bag, the douche bag then started benchin


Yup, you failed that question.




I was in a gym one time and got all crazy and started knocking over buildings and stuff.

It musta be the decamasteron,3,17,3dianadrolabolanenthanate.

Then I started snappin chichs across the ass with a jumpstretch band.

It was HYOOGE!


No, he actually failed the ANSWER.

Which, in turn, means you fail.


funiest thing ever this d-bol is REALLY kickin in

priceless man


Now, THAT'S funny


Did you stick it in her pooper?


not to hijack this amazing thread or anything, but damnt That One Guy, your avatar scares me. I feel like you are watching me through my screen. And i do everything naked....

now please, back to that biatch...


This story never happened.


Did you think anyone believed it had?