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Victor Martinez' Sister Missing


Didnt see this posted yet, sorry if it was. I actually clicked on this story because it seemed interesting and halfway through the article they mention the woman in question is Victor's sister. I really hope everything turns out well.

Woman Vanishes at NYC Skyscraper
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NEW YORK (July 9) - A Manhattan skyscraper in one of the most security-conscious parts of the city has become the scene of an unlikely missing persons mystery.

Police are trying to figure out what happened to a cleaning woman who vanished midway through her shift Tuesday evening at an office tower a few hundred feet from the World Trade Center reconstruction site.

Eridania Rodriguez, 46, punched in for work at 2 Rector Street around 5 p.m. She donned her blue uniform, chatted with other after-hours employees and was last seen on security cameras around 7 p.m., according to a lawyer for her family, Daniel Ferreira.

Then, she disappeared.

The building's cameras never recorded her leaving the skyscraper. She didn't meet up with co-workers for her regular subway ride home to Manhattan's Washington Heights section. Her purse and street clothes remained in her locker.

The woman's family is distraught and fears the worst, Ferreira said.

"She had been complaining about a guy at the building who made her kind of nervous," he said. "And she worked on floors that had been empty."

He said Rodriguez is married with several children. One of her brothers is Victor Martinez, a top-ranked professional bodybuilder.

Police quietly sealed off the building Wednesday morning to hunt for clues. They found no trace of the missing woman. Workers were finally allowed back in shortly before noon.

"It's a mind blower. How do you go missing here?" said Rob Ross, an executive assistant in the studio of architect Daniel Libeskind, who moved to the tower after getting the commission to redesign ground zero.

Security in the building is typical for the financial district. Employees need identification cards to enter. Security cameras cover every entrance and many public areas. Every visitor is photographed before they are allowed up from the lobby.

Officials at the company that operates the building, Stellar Management, declined to comment.
Built in 1909, the skyscraper has more than 400,000 square feet of interior space and rises 26 stories. Besides Studio Daniel Libeskind, the building's tenants include the architectural firm NBBJ, several law firms and, until recently, a division of the city's transportation department.


That’s terrible.Sounds pretty eery aswell,freaky.Hopefull all will be well in the end.


They just found her body in one of the air ducts yesterday. Foul play suspected.


Looks like they found her body in an airconditioning vent.


NY times article

A body was found stuffed in an air-conditioning vent at 2 Rector St. this morning – and it appears to be the mother of three who mysteriously disappeared while working inside the building last week, police said.

Police made the grim discovery on the 12th Floor at 8:50 a.m., four floors above where Eridania Rodriguez, 46, was believed to be working on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.

The body was found in an eye level vent by an eagle eyed female officer who was part of the legion of cops and police dogs who flooded the building for the third basement to rooftop sweep.

The 12th floor is gutted and currently undergoing renovations. Cops do not believe there are security cameras there.

The body has yet to be removed by the medical examiner from what is being described by police as a “large crime scene.”

The last recorded sighting of Rodriguez on security surveillance showed her entering a lobby elevator at 7:00 p.m.

She then briefly visited fellow cleaning woman Rosa Quezada on the tenth floor at 7:30.

Rodriguez left her to clean the bathroom on fifth floor as usual when she received odd instructions from an unknown person telling her to work on the eighth floor instead.

The petite brunette called Quezada to tell her of the change in plans and was not heard from again.

The co-worker became worried when Rodriguez didn’t answer her phone around 11:30 p.m.

She and a supervisor found the Inwood resident’s cart in the ladies’ room, and her mop and hair clip strewn about in a room housing air conditioning units.

Her duties only included cleaning the restrooms.

“We all thought that was strange,” said Quezada of Rodriguez’s belongings in that area.

Police have not made any arrests, although they questioned Staten Island resident Joseph Pabon, 26, a freight-elevator operator with a lengthy list of prior arrests including one for a violent attack on his girlfriend’s car with a bowling ball. He was released after hiring a lawyer.

Pabon inexplicably left work early on Tuesday night, and sources said the tattooed hot-head was seen with visible scratches on his arms.

Cops had also searched a Pennsylvania landfill Friday after the first two failed runs through the building.


My best wishes to the Martinez family, that is horrible.


I hope they get the guy who did it. That is just horrible.

I can’t imagine going to work knowing there has been a body stuffed into the ducts for several days.


Urgh, that is beyond awful.


Just awful.

Vic’s had a run of bad luck the last couple of years, but this is by far one of the worst things I could ever imagine happening to somebody.