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Very Small Lump and Tender After Injection


Need some help, I did my first injection of test enanthate on Tuesday afternoon this morning , Thursday morning it started feeling tender and I feel a very small lump. Is their a reason to be concerned and what should I do. The injection was 1cc of 225mg test e on my glute using a 1in needle. Also the labeling on the vile of the test is kind of sketchy, looks home made, does anybody have any experience with this ?


This is normal… Especially if it is your first cycle… Your body is not used to you injecting some foreign oil… You might also feel flu like symptoms and the injection site could feel warm to the touch. Don’t worry… It’ll get better.


Definitely normal. I get it all the time.

And now I’m going to hi jack your thread.

Has anybody here who has been injecting for more than a year ever noticed an increase in lump size/ frequency? I went with a new supplier recently, and every single time I inject quads now, I get a sizeable lump that doesn’t go away for days. I have a few thoughts… one would be that I’m potentially just injecting the muscle too often/too much oil, and it’s just not breaking down well, kinda building up. The other is maybe a different carrier oil that my body doesn’t like. I’m doing 3cc in each quad once a week atm. And actually now that I’m talking this out, one of the injects is deca, one is test, both from different sources, but same results.

Anyway. Thoughts? Anything you guys do to mitigate the problem, if you’ve had it? The area is really starting to feel tender, and I’ve considered just completely stopping quad injects for awhile. But IDK. I don’t really want to do delts all the time either, lol. And I suck at glutes.


About 2 or 3yrs ago I ran 300mgs/week of Test Cyp which was 100mg/ml so I was injecting 1-1/2cc into each quad each week and ended up with lumps on both legs that were a little sore as well
I told my buddy about it and he suggest warming the oil before injecting and putting a hot compress on site after with a light massage to help break up the oil under the surface. DON’T use ice he said as that’ll make it worse
I didn’t want to mess with boiling water and or risking any contamination so I just tried the hot compress
This could be complete bro science but it worked like magic
He also suggested that if that didn’t work to pull the needle out after injecting 1/2 the syringe and re pin 1-2" away from where you just pinned. I never tried that so I can’t say


Warming the oil helps out. I just run mine under the faucet for a couple of minutes… It also depends on the esther I use. The longer esther stuff like enanthate seems to knot up a little more on me. I love pinning the quads. I just use an insulin syringe and a 1/2 inch 29 guage needle and it works without issues. Right now I’m running 3.5cc of gear twice a week without any issues… Just a little swelling the day after I pin.


20 years ago I did 3cc of vet grade enanthate in the glutes every 5 days (alternating glutes) for a couple years straight and never had any issues whatsoever.

I took some time off and decided to do the same thing, but due to circumstances changing I only had access to UGL and had the exact same issue you’re having.

I kept pinning and pinning until the ‘lumps’ (which were quite broad, had gotten firm and were getting sensitive to touch) were so large I could see them through jeans - my mrs said it looked like I’d had an ass lift.

Long story short when I pin glutes now there is a tearing sound (like paper tearing) and the pin jams up… I can’t be sure what the hell happened - scar tissue etc, and I suspect it was the carrier oil but it’s one of the big regrets I have with gear use. I’m dead certain it was that batch of UGL gear, which I purchased a lot of since I wanted to cruise for another couple of years or more.

Change back to what was working before if you can bro.



This is some of the best, most relevant advice I’ve gotten on this board in a long time. Your description matches my situation exactly. That’s another thing I’d noticed recently: the pin taking forever, being extremely hard to push at times. It totally sucks.

What’s interesting though, is that I pin my delts with the same gear, and have absolutely no negative effects. It sort of leads me to believe that scar tissue in general is more the problem. I’ve pinned my quads waaaay more than my delts over the last few years.

I’ll see what i can do about getting new gear though, that’s definitely worth a shot.


So I don’t ever pin more then 1ml. But I have had lumps that persisted for a week. Usually it clears up in a week if it doesn’t it wont matter because I pin my other delt and usually 2 weeks later it has cleared up but I have noticed that after a while it gets harder to push the oil into the muscle. I took about 6 months off of gear and when I cam back and started pinning my delts again I as fine. I don’t know what the hell they put in this stuff but I sure which I had access to legit pharm grade gear. I have geneza now and it seems decent.

I hated pinning my quads. I did it twice. The muscle soreness was fine but when I pinned it felt like I would hit a nerve and my leg would spasm. Was very unpleasant. Then I watched a Dave Polumbo video where he discussed pinning the quads and that it should be avoided because of all the nerves.


I get this alot, even when my wife pins for me. Not issues with the glutes and i rotate enough that I only do a quad every fourth shot. When my wife cant pin me and I do it myself, I’ve started to inject very high up on the outside of my leg, almost to the point where my leg meets my hip. It doesn’t have as many veins or nerves and its pretty painless. I also think that because its so near my hip joint, it gets a lot of movement and disperses the oil really fast.


I’ve been getting the spasms recently, but I didn’t used to. Keep in mind, I’ve probably pinned my quads 150-200 times. and it’s only been in the last couple months I’ve had this problem. That’s probably something I should have mentioned more specifically lol.



Well perhaps abstain from pinning the quads for a bit. I don’t know how much gear and what sort of gear your running but maybe the quads are having some sort of bad reactio to the oil or alcohol in the oil that took a long time to manifest or maybe even the actual gear itself. I only pin delts and with an insulin needle. But I do need to switch the sites. I thought about top of traps and if I were flexible enough I would definitely pin my lats.

Also another thing I just thought about. Maybe the gear you are using now is kinda dirty and your body is reacting to it by trying isolate it from the rest of your body and it is taking longer to be absorbed. Unless when you pin the same gear elsewhere that does not happen.