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Very High SHBG, Very Low Estradiol. Cause for Concern?

Had my bloods done and have been researching my results. Iv had some people tell me my results are fantastic, others tell me I need to go to the hospital asap. From what I understand, my globulin is very high, estradiol is very low, and this is a cause for concern for me. Not sure what to do next.
Could anybody guide me here? I’m not running any gear, 30yo 5’11 and 162lbs.
I am not on any medication, I do not drink caffine or alcohol ever. Eat a lot of rice meat and veg every day (usually fried in oil, Thai street food diet).
However I do smoke, and do not work out due to a plate in my arm due to be taken out soon.

Plan: Smoking will stop as of today. Boron, zinc, magnesium and Vit D supps. Can these steps reduce my SHBG much?

Can anybody analyse my bloodwork and give me some suggestions?

Thank you and appreciate any replies.

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thanks traveling man. The first 2 links are the same. Just read the 2 links you sent me.
Im not taking ambien or any drugs at all which is what the first link seems to cover. The second link gives this list:

What Can Increase SHBG

Caloric restriction
Vegetable-based proteins
Eating too little protein
Alcohol consumption
Excessive caffeine consumption
Antidepressants/beta blockers

I do not take any drugs as mentioned, I do not have any caffine or alcohol intake, I eat chicken multiple times a day and a lot of rice so protein and calories should be OK, and Im not even training right now due to injury.

So still puzzled here.

Your problems are twofold, first your testosterone production is very low indicated by your LH-Luteinizing Hormone which stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone and without enough testosterone you not converting T–E2.

Second your very high SHBG is binding up all your androgens so even if you were producing enough testosterone, it would still be bound to SHBG excess and you would still need TRT. High SHBG can be partly genetic and environmental.

TRT is the only thing that will lower your SHBG is TRT, excess androgens. If your state healthcare system denys TRT, you would then need to seek private care which is recommended anyway. State healthcare systems lack the doctors that specialize in sex hormone therapies.

thanks for the reply. How much can diet and supps alter my LH, FSH, e2 and SHBG levels? Im going to start taking Vit D, magnesium, boron and zinc.

Supplements will do nothing, nadda, zilch.

So TRT is the only way here?

Correct, we see cases exactly like yours everyday and is very common. Something in the environment is negatively affecting our endocrine systems and increasing SHBG in some while lowering it in others.

None of these problems today were happening 20 years ago, but is accelerating as time goes on.

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Will TRT reduce SHBG ? Seems to me like that needs to be addressed and lowered somehow.

It’s rare that TRT doesn’t lower SHBG, how much is dependant on genes. Usually the higher the SHBG, the greater the reduction, a low SHBG guy I know of who has very low SHBG only saw a 4 point reduction in his SHBG.

Your Free T isn’t as low on average for high SHBG guys and don’t think you’ll hit any major obstacles increasing Free T, you most likely will not need an estrogen blocker added to your TRT protocol which should be one or two injections per week.

Most doctors don’t know anything I have mentioned here today, it’s above their head and you may be told you’re normal do to a lack knowledge. TRT is a new field of medicine and has been ignored for decades do to really bad, flawed studies in 1941 that showed TRT cause prostate cancer.

Plastic bottles and air pollution maybe? I live in bangkok and the air was bad during dec, jan, feb. I also drink water from plastic bottles every day.

I agree with you here, however when discussing this with my father, he is worried about prostate cancer as his uncle and father both had it. Is there any link between high SBHG and prostate cancer? Would it be likely my father and grandfather also have high SBHG?
Appreciate the info systemlord

If prostate cancer runs in the family and your genes are predisposed to prostate cancer, there’s no stopping it, it will happen whether your on TRT or not. Men with low Free T see more aggressive prostate cancer when compared to men with high Free T, so high testosterone is prostate cancer friendly.

There are seeing men with lower testosterone have increased incidences of prostate cancer, they used to believe low testosterone was prostate cancer friendly and some doctors still do. That’s why TRT is denied so often, the belief that prostate cancer is caused by high testosterone/TRT.

When was the last time you heard of a 21 year old with prostate cancer when testosterone is at its highest? Prostate cancer is an middle age or old man’s disease when testosterone is at it’s lowest.

All doctors were taught in medical school that TRT causes prostate cancer and explains the resistance men face when looking for TRT to treat their low testosterone.

Do you have any further reading regarding this? I was discussing this with my father today who said his father (my grandfather) was told that his high testosterone was the cause of the prostate cancer, and is given medication to lower his T. My father is also trying to dissuade me from T due to this

I know your grandfather means well, but his advice is dangerous.

Men with prostate cancer are being treated with TRT and showing good results, some show prostate cancer remission. Everyone over the last few decades have been feed BS studies, the one of mention only had one patient in the study group. This is the study that fueled TRT causes prostate cancer.

Testosterone Therapy in Men With Prostate Cancer

The use of testosterone therapy in men with prostate cancer was previously contraindicated, although recent data challenge this axiom. Over the past 2 decades, there has been a dramatic paradigm shift in beliefs, attitude, and treatment of testosterone deficiency in men with prostate cancer.

Testosterone supplementation after prostate cancer?

One of the most heated debates centers on whether testosterone fuels prostate cancer. If that’s true, say some experts, then why do men develop prostate cancer when they are older, at the same time their testosterone levels are dropping? (See Figure 1.) Others point to the fact that many men with prostate cancer, especially those with advanced or metastatic cancers, take hormone therapy that nearly stops the production of testosterone to tamp down the disease. Under the influence of hormone therapy, tumors regress.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Prostate Cancer Incidence

In addition to prostate cancer incidence, groups have also explored tumor characteristics in relation to baseline testosterone levels. Studies in the United States, Europe, and Asia have all identified an association between high grade prostate cancer and low testosterone levels. In one of the larger studies, reported that among 455 men who underwent radical prostatectomy, those with a testosterone level 250 ng/dL had 2.4 times higher odds for a Gleason pattern ≥4 on pathology compared to men with normal testosterone.

Thailand doesn’t necessarily pay attention to the “BPA free” types of plastic bottles. The most important rule is to stay away from the “7-baht” water … or whatever they are now; I’m sure you know what I am talking about - it is the cheapest bottles of water sold, in a bigger than normal bottle with a tear off lid and NON clear bottle. I’m not in Thailand now or I would attach a picture.

Do not refill water bottles either … such as pouring from big bottles to one that you carry. And never drink it after it has been in the sun. These are just basic however, and how much they contribute is unknown.

Sorry about the links. I fixed the second one.

I didn’t see a PSA test. Just based on what you said about family history, you should have included it.

Boron has worked for me, although not enough because I have insanely high SHBG. All of this and much more were in the 3rd link. But it is a long thread and I continue to update with my progress.

Your testosterone is 787 ng/dL (which is the only scale I can understand). And your free t is 1.26%; and you have low E - which is the oddity.

The commonly accepted theory is to throw testosterone at SHBG. It didn’t work for me, but it does for some.

The water I drink is the 23 baht mineral water. Never the cheaper bottles and never the Ozone machine water.

I will get a PSA test soon and report back.

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