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Vertical Jump and 40


What supplements out there would help aid my training in terms of explosiveness to improve my vertical jump and 40 yard dash performances?

ie. getting through hard plyomertic workouts ect.


Everyone will say Surge Workout Fuel so I'll go ahead and throw that one out there


P.S. your question is not logical in anyway.

There are no supplements that will magically make you faster when you decide to run your 40 or make you jump higher when you do your vert.

It's a measure of genetics, flexibility, technique, and power.


reserach beta alanine, Spike and maybe some nootropics.



I can offer advice to allow you to make an excellent performance when the time comes for you to be tested in these events, but unfortunately as far as you seeing a dramatic difference through supplementation, I think you're going to be disappointed.

If you would like an edge over your competition I'd recommend Surge Workout Fuel and Spike.