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Vacation Diet Help


Hey folks,

I have a question that pertains to nutrition when on vacation.

It is hard for me to eat 6 times and even worse to get my minimum 1gm/pound of BW in proteins.

So, in such cases is it better to miss and not eat carb rich meals or should I eat more carbs?


Ok that does not make much sense. This is what I meant.

I have access only to carb meals (aka rice). So my question is if I should indulge in such meals or stay hungry?


What the hell kind of vacation are you going on? A vacation from food?


Depends on you. If you can resist the high carb meals and they are counterproductive to your goals, then skip the meals. Don't stay hungry though, that's a surefire way to slow your metabolism, lose muscle, and then when your blood sugar plummets you'll crave those high carb foods. A good way to counteract that is to bring lots of Low-Carb Grow! and almonds.

2 scoops of Low-Carb Grow! and a serving of almonds gives you almost 50 grams of protein, and almost 20 grams of fat. Bring the ziplock bags to carry the Grow! in and do the same with the almonds. You can eat as many of these "meals" that you need and vary the nutritional content for your specific goals. Enjoy your vacation


bring : a lot of beef jerky, Grow! bars, protein powder, nuts, fat pills...


Your on vacation. Be active, have fun and cut loose on thew diet a bit. Make solid choices when you do eat but give your self some relaxation time. IT's vacation.

In between grab some fruit, nuts, jerky, etc..

In the end you will have a better time not worrying so much and will come back even more dedicated and refreshed

Hope that helps,



Thanks for the suggestion guys.

Let me explain why I asked this question in the first place. Last weekend I went camping and as a good T-Man I packed myself with 2 days worth of protein powder and took my multivitamins etc. However, after a day it was hard to maintain the diet because everyone camping around me was forcing to loosen up and eat rice, etc. I dont mind having a serving of rice etc but when told to eat more than that I refused. Ofcourse, they started thinking I was being snobbish and distant and after that I had to relent.....

This weekend I was on a trip to Michigan and since I live in Toronto Canada I couldnt take any protein powder or supplements with me. I had to make use of whatever was available around me there and all that included at my host's place was plenty of rice related products. Ofcourse, I stayed away from too much rice and opted to eat chicken etc but I got nowhere close to even 0.8gm/pound of BW in proteins.

I guess the next time around I need to pack myself with some peanuts and beef jerky...

Once again, Thanks



Are you training for a competition? How long is this vacation, and how often do you go? Yes, bring the Grow! bars, peanuts, and beef jerky. Some extra rice one week out of the year is not gonna make or break you.


heh heh.

Training for competition? Not at all. I am just a noob looking to clean up 22 years of eating the wrong food groups. :slight_smile:


you've ate bad for 22 years, a week or two won't make things much worse. I'd say it's better to come back refreshed ready to sweat hard and eat right then to worry about diet on a vacation.


CrazyCanuck is right, take it easy while on vacation , it won't kill you to cheat a little, you will get back refreshed and more dedicated.


I think that outside pressures are an interesting thing that makes it harder to keep on a diet up in the beginning. When people look at you and see you as an average person, they don't understand what you're doing.

As you get stronger and appear more muscular, people will tend to give you less of a hard time as they can understand what you are doing by simply looking at you. Good luck


Hey folks,

Thanks for all the opinions offered.
I was never concerned with the cheating aspect of the food as much as reaching the minimum protein intake.

Well, if it is any consolation I weigh about 2 pounds lesser than I was prior to the weekend.



Don't go camping with Sumo Wrestlers.