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Updated Before and After Pics


I posted a progress pic a while back and looking back at it I feel a bit stupid. http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/pictures_pics_photo_body_image_performance/5_month_progress_pics

Now it's been 2 years. I was about 180... I think I was more 175~... and I'm still the same height. 5'9"... I'm now 198 lbs and I don't know my bf%... I'll try to get more but this is my favorite.


after pic


not such a good after pic seeing as it's far away.. I'll try to get another one


From what I can tell in the pic...good job!


That after pic is like 20 feet away!


ya its a big picture actually but when i uploaded it to the site it was resized


A 10, you f**king freak of testosterone!


Nice bathroom, did you get a haircut?

Try some larger pictures if you're really looking for advice.


seriously, who has a flat screen and an atomic clock in their bathroom?


as everyones been saying second pic isnt great, but def looks like some progress was made, post legs back and some others as well preferrably within 5 feet not 50


To quote Joe Pesci in My Cousin Vinny "What, did you shoot this one from a tree?!"


haha A flat screen above the urinal? Wtf.


It's not so far as I can't tell that you have gained significant weight, most of which being lean mass. Good job man. Now post better pics, back and wheels and tell us what you did.


oh and lol id like to say its my bathroom but its actually my gyms locker room...


Well it's not his bathroom it's a gym locker room. (Directed at SD). MY gyms locker room is lined with flat screens lol, i think there is one above the urinal as well...I'll have to check tomorrow.

OP, it seems like you;ve been successfully bulking. Good Job.