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Update with T results - DIM-Evail Instead of Anastrozole?

I have been on TRT for three months now. My endo has me taking .75ml per week (.37 x 2 week). I am injecting that SC with the 29g 1/2 needles and it works great. I just left my three month appointment and my estrogen level is 38.14 pg/ml which is obviously high. The Dr told me she can not prescribe anastrozole and advised against me purchasing it from the internet when I asked about that. Instead she sold me a bottle of DIM-Evail (Diindolylmethane) $49.90 for a three month supply (120 softgels). She said it works, just not as well as Arimidex. What do you guys know about this stuff?
At the same time she told me I can up my dose of Test C to 1ml per week (.5ml x 2 week). I am worried that this will only increase my E level if this stuff does not work?

Before anyone asks I still don’t have my latest T levels but, should have them tomorrow. Three months ago I was at 35.7 free and 340 total.

Also, the Endo that I see has a “Dr. Office” and a separate “anti-aging clinic”. The clinic is cash only, no insurance. She tells me that if I go to the clinic I can get hcg and anastozole. If I come to the office I can not. I am so confused.

DIM is garbage. I struggled with high E2 also.

Never seen DIM get the job done, you need to get near E2=22pg/ml
Yes she can Rx anastrozole, but may be an insurance issue, get Rx and pay cash. Not seen research chem anastrozole problems ever.

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Here are my complete results:

Free Test - 242
Total - 1,090
Estrogen - 38.14

This was on the .37ml dose 2x per week. The Dr. had me increase my dose to .5ml 2x per week and start taking the DIM-Evail. I actually feel better than ever and don’t think I have any negative side effects at this point? Do you guys think I should go back down to the .37ml. dose? I worry that increasing the T will cause my estrogen to go even higher. Or could the estrogen test be wrong since it was not the “sensitive” type?

You simply need to take 0.5mg anastrozole with each injection.

Have you been reading the stickies?

Anastrozole was $3.99 from my local pharmacy with me not egen using insurance, for 10 pills, 1mg(which cut in 4), so I get 40 pills from bottle. My Dr is wierd about it too, he said he will give me this bottle and one refill, but if i need to continue it, he cant be my Dr. I already found a local naturalpath that charges $80 a visit(no insurance needed).