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underactive thyroid in women?

Hey Everyone,

Does anyone know much about an under active thyroid gland in women?

My girlfriend was at the doctor the other day, who noticed that her hair was thinning. So she is going for blood work tomorrow, and one of the things they are going to test for is her thyroid gland.

My girlfriend has also been on the T-Dawg diet since Janruary and has not succeeded in losing much weight, despite a sound eating and workout plan. She has only lost about five or six pounds at most.

Someone mentioned to me that an underactive thyroid can inhibit weight loss. I thought this was quite a coincidence, she is getting it looked at for thinning hair.

Do any of you out there no anything about this or have experience with it?


I don’t know about it specifically in women, but I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in the mid-'90s.

Symptoms are numerous and vary among individuals, but mine were constipation, feeling cold, feeling fatigued, rapid weight gain and irritability worthy of a rutting bull moose. Check out WebMd or the like for a more complete list. Look up hypothyroidism.

Treatment is taking sythetic thyroid hormone on a daily basis. After a doctor diagnoses her condition, she’ll get a prescription. For the first year or two, she’ll need to retest on a monthly or bimonthly basis. After that, every six months is sufficient.

Reading the stuff about it on the net will give you the idea it’s some kind of debilitating condition. It’s not. It’s easily treated, and won’t affect performance or health if it’s treated.

Good luck to you and your girl.

My mother has had an underactive thyroid for 20 years. She uses synthroid. The major problem I’ve seen is that when the weight gain first begins, people cut out all food… which lowers metabolism further. Luckily, it sounds like your girl is getting diagnosed early, which will make a huge difference. After you get diagnosed and start using synthetic thyroid hormone, things seem to be just fine.