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'Under the Eightball' Movie


A new documentary/conspiracy movie.

This film is going to piss a lot of people off and raise A LOT of questions!

Check it out here:



Thanks for that.....


You're welcome... but did you watch it.. it relates to this part of the forum so I beg to differ.


Yeah. Some dude's sister got lyme disease, so he made a movie blaming it on a government conspiracy. Like I said, seems like a lame spam attempt to get site traffic.


Not really, I know them. I figured this was relevant to this forum... but as usual with forums everyone grows balls of steel and has an opinion. She died during the production and the movie premiers at Michael Moore's theater next week so... http://www.prweb.com/releases/lymedisease/under-the-eightball/prweb2765264.htm


probably should have left the bit about how it was playing at Michael Moores Theatre. that only raises more eyebrows.


LOL! Yes, THAT is very true... but its the hometown of most of that crew so... I guess it's as the saying goes, "It's better to be loved or hated not tolerated."


Yeah, Michael Moore is a pretty huge credibility destroyer. However, if it is your friend's siter, my apologies and condolences.


Yeah, so I hear about Moore, but luckily he has no involvement with this movie. In fact it's competing with one of his films for the Academy Awards from what I know. They're just premiering at his theater.

Yes, she was 35 or so and left a 9 year old behind.

From what I have seen on that film it is really some incredible findings. Not political exactly, but really has you wonder WTF went on years ago. What were they thinking? They tested on people and even worse on kids...!

The director had death threats called into him to stop his work. I'm not sure how many of the interviewees backed out as a result when they found out it was a real feature film, but it was quite a few. Apparently some got calls too. I don't know all the facts yet, but I guess after the premier it will be pretty clear why.


I certainly do not know a thing about this film or the events it's discussing, but if true this isn't the first time the government has knowingly tested viruses or bacteria on people.


Yeah, apparently "The Eightball" was part of the governments Bio-warfare program... cold war stuff I guess... but they tested on humans there as well as animals. Because the agents could be easily transmitted via animal and insects, it could be passed of as a naturally occurring agent.

Anyway there's a shit-ton of eye opening stuff more that I learned from those guys, but since I don't have their references, it kind of defeats the purpose of telling anyone even more 'outlandish' sounding info.


And it would be just like the American gov't to create a devastating weapon with the contagiousness and lethality of Lyme Disease.


You know the interesting thing is, and I talked to the director about this, is that he doesn't want to point fingers at the government to say WTF like Moore? I mean the truth is the truth and it would be interesting to see the reactions it gets.

He'd rather have them help fix the issue their program started... not to mention all the other "mysterious" ailments that may have been transmitted by animals/insects because of such a program.

My father died of ALS (Lou Gherig's Disease) and during his 6 year demise he was told things about mercury poisoning (he played with what they called 'quick silver' as a child which was mercury), bacterial infections that lay dormant in his spine, about insect bites and a whole lot of other shit. Nothing conclusive.

He and 3 other people he grew up with in Trinidad died of ALS. The islands are ridden with insects, but once again no one knows what the cause is. The director's sister was also told ALS was a possibility because Lyme Disease has similar symptoms and is degenerative just the same, but in the end it was Lyme. Who knows, may of these other incurable diseases may be Lyme based...


You missed the whole point. My post was merely a note for those who I assumed would come along and think something like "out government would never do something like that". I certainly wasn't defending the documentary or it's claims. I acknowledged my ignorance, and doubt there's much substance to this story anyway.


True. I was amused by my point and you're comment put it in stark contrast. Instead of the usual 'Carl Rove had the CIA invent AIDS to kill gays and black people. Remember Tuskegee?' type of conspiracy, this one centered around a relatively rare, treatable (curable?), and poorly communicable disease.


The facts for the movie came straight out of the Freedom of Information act... and the documentary is well sited. The problem is you have to KNOW which scientists worked on Lyme for the government and THEN you can get the documentation. A newer less vague trailer is coming.

The Tuskegee Experiment (don't know if this one is the one you're mentioning)is also mentioned in the film.

The actual title of the experiment was "the effects of untreated Syphilis in the negro male" (yes that was the real experiment) and the Clinton administration apologized for it publicly for their predecessors mistakes.


That's what I was thinking of, I couldn't quite remember the details.