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Uk Shipping Issues

I’ve been shipping Biotest to the Uk without issue on a regular basis since c. 2005.

My most recent order of Finibars has held by UK Border Force and now confiscated. Very hard to get a straight answer but they are implying it is the animal protein content.

Have any other UK shippers encountered this?

Can Biotest offer any advice?

Also in answer to a recent forum post Biotest.co.uk supply legit products. Next day delivery without issue. Though their stock is constantly empty. Their communication is awful and their pricing is steep. But at least when I order from the I don’t get hundreds of dollars of goods confiscated by customs.

This question would be more appropriate posted over on the Biotest Supplement Advice forum. Customs stuff can always be tricky, but since you’ve been ordering for a while and only had an issue recently, Customs may have changed their criteria (maybe COVID-related, total guess on that), since I don’t believe the shipping method has changed.

BiotestUK is a distributor but not directly associated with Biotest, so, like, Biotest Customer Service couldn’t lookup BiotestUK customers/orders etc. But regarding orders from Biotest (US) into the UK, you might want to shoot them an e-mail (Service@Biotest.net) to see if they have any info.

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