UG Var , bringing bad sides. Possible Dbol?

I ordered some 20mg Var to run along side trt for a recomp push and within days was getting bad cystic acne on my cheeks.
Test doesn’t cause me any issues so was expecting Var to complement it very nicely but whatever i was delivered is awful .
Im just going to dump it unless anyone has experienced it also and maybe it caused a spike in E2, even though its a dht steroid?

The Var is Viogen, a UG lab in the Uk.

Never heard of them on any of the UK forums which is unusual.
You say their Test checks out ok?

Look them up on
See if there is any feedback/testing of their VAR on there?

I know nothing of that lab but if your having a bad reaction to the “var” then drop it.

yeah dropped it after 3 days. just wanted to check in as it was the first time using and was curious if anyone had similar issues.

Var doesn’t do that

yeah thats why i thought it was likely dbol . its in the bin now anyway.