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Two Cycles Back to Back, Mistake

I know it’s a mistake and I realized this in the middle of 2nd cycle. Can anyone please help me with advice on how to keep my gains because I think I won’t have good natural testosterone production for a while. What can I do to fix this mess. I will never do a cycle until I take at least 4 months off.
Here is what my cycles look like:

1-10 weeks nandrolone decanoate 250 mg a week
1-10 weeks testosterone ethanate 500 a week
Hcg last 2 weeks of cycle
11-12 pct nolva and clomid

2nd cycle which Im on the last 30 days now
Week 1-12 letrozole quarter pill every other day
Week 1-10 trenbolone acetate 400 mg a week
Week 1-12 testosterone ethanate 100 a week
Week 1-4 dbol 40 mg a day
Week 11-15 Pct nolva and clomid and letrozole
Last 4 weeks HGH 4 units a day

Should I take HGH for Pct to help keep my gains? And if so how much? Should I be on TRT testosterone ethanate 100 my a week for a month after cycle to keep gains

Thank you all. P.s please don’t leave pissed off comments

PCT weeks 14-18. No HGH. Or did you mean HCG? If so, I’d be running that up to PCT. Have diet on point.

Jrsgym thank you for your advice I definitely have to keep my Protien
intake up.

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