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Two A Day Advice?

Morning CT,

As a long-time follower of your programmes, I would love your brief thoughts on planning in 1-2 days a week using two a days while doing high frequency low volume full body training the rest of the week. I’m a fan of your 5/4/3/2/1 scheme. Also I have read your Barbell Workouts for Busy People, where it’s suggested this could be done twice daily. My initial thoughts are continuing BFB 5/4/3/2/1 five days as normal but on two mornings adding one pairing, as per BWFBP above, e.g deadlift and press, minus the 20 rep end set. How does that sound based on good recovery, sleep, etc?

Many thanks


Honestly it might screw up theBFB progression. You can do it, but use totally different exercises on the 2nd workouts. Likely using these extra workouts to work on muscles/patterns that might be neglected in the main workouts.

Thanks coach, much appreciated.